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  1. My brain sucks. Ohh ok. She squirmed around, sniffing for her mother
  2. Sear'kit sat down in her spot, tucked in a corner. Willow'paw watched them.
  3. Laughs in im a cat
  4. She opened her eyes, seeing Thorn'kit at the scene. She trotted silently up to him.
  5. (Welcome) "Yes!" she thought She looked around. "Its over there, but where is it?"
  6. Sear'kit slipped back into the hole, unsuspected. She ran into the nursery not seeing the unknown cats. ( she turns 4 moons the next day) They got back to camp. Who was Opal'finch with?
  7. She knew she couldn't get in trouble and began to sprint back "Nice" she replied "Shall we head back?"
  8. She felt water droplets splash onto her. It felt refreshing. She should head back to camp... "Catch anything yourself?" she said, showing of her prey
  9. As the sound got closer and closer, she felt a weird feeling in her stomach. Fear? Greif? That mouse? She waited for awhile and heard the crunch of leaves
  10. "I can't go towards the cats" she thought "So let's check out the river" She picked it up and saw her mentor wasn't there. He must have gone finding his own prey.
  11. "I can't ruin my reputation so early" she muttered. She began to dig a hole for her kill.
  12. She looked around, should she go left, towards the water or right, towards the smell of other cats? She was now in front of it. Catching it in her paws, she bit down on it.
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