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  1. @Green the Fiery Fox @Chiyanna @PincerClaw420 @MATTRESS Someone notice meh
  2. I found the rarest mob in Minecraft
  3. @Takoyama @Miz @Zixvir @PurrSnoutMaster
  4. Don’t mind the mini video
  5. Um i was acually planing on doing my on adopted family...
  6. @__________________________Oh and you might want to add clan to the form list
  7. Ooooooo you cured meh boredom Name~ Cherry'paw Gender~ She'cat Pronouns~ She/they Appearance~ A very light gray she'cat with amber eyes and a white tail tip Personality(Optional)~ Ya I have no ideas so ya Other~ 7 moons old, FeatherClan -Backstory- Her father was a warrior and one day he came across a kittypet. Her name was Cherished Rose Petals of Honeyflower (laughs in cat show names) but she was called Cherry. Eventually, she was pregnant, Dark'wing took the kit who he named Cherry'kit, made a story of how there was the rouge and she was sick and whatever and she got raised with Heather-insert suffix here- newborn litter
  8. Sear'kit sat down in her spot, tucked in a corner. Willow'paw watched them.
  9. Laughs in im a cat
  10. (Welcome) "Yes!" she thought She looked around. "Its over there, but where is it?"
  11. Sear'kit slipped back into the hole, unsuspected. She ran into the nursery not seeing the unknown cats. ( she turns 4 moons the next day) They got back to camp. Who was Opal'finch with?
  12. She knew she couldn't get in trouble and began to sprint back "Nice" she replied "Shall we head back?"
  13. She felt water droplets splash onto her. It felt refreshing. She should head back to camp... "Catch anything yourself?" she said, showing of her prey
  14. As the sound got closer and closer, she felt a weird feeling in her stomach. Fear? Greif? That mouse? She waited for awhile and heard the crunch of leaves
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