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  1. and if it floods and they wash onto land the will die the next day
  2. maybe some creatures can only live underwater with no feet.
  3. i think its a good idea it would be fun too. 🙂
  4. maybe have this with plants too so random plants can grow everywhere.
  5. This would be super hard to make. what if someone added this thing were there are two modes: one is the one that we have already, the other can be were you live and move around and collect to survive. As in not a game were you think then move, your a creature in your pack that has to move around or sleep and get ordered by the alpha. (or play as the alpha) fight and survive. (if you don't understand me that's ok! i don't either.)
  6. i know!!!!! sooo boring with the ones we have there is not enough
  7. One more thing, there should be a "make your own thing" button where you can have a category of materials that are used, what its for and where it can be placed, on rocks, in water, on snow and stuff.
  8. Also maybe each creature collects there own things and builds their own things instead of each item being shared. The creature's would need to stand next to each other to give items. (it won't take any movement points to give stuff) They can also craft armour, weapons, tools, seeds and more!
  9. Maybe if we add a toggle on creatures where they give birth on a season. Someone will have to make seasons first. You can choose to activate the birth on a season or not.
  10. If someone can add something where you can favourite creatures that you did not create or have the toxic body or the next generation of creatures so you can have them again in another game. I once had a purple creature that was really strong with the toxic body so I wanted to have her in a different world. but she got frost bite and died.
  11. This is the ultimate idea ever! I wish that I could code so then I would go and make this! Maybe if someone slowly adds new parts of this each month it will soon make this but with less effort
  12. I just really try to make this game better however I can but I cant code at all so I'm just throwing out ideas.
  13. I cant code but adding different parts that do different buildings like the beaver tail making a dam and digging paw making burrows that creatures can hide in. (creatures in our pack)
  14. When I was trying to make squirrels I wanted them to be bigger body smaller size so i had to use the lean body
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