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  1. im just typing random things im=banater just=hidsif type/typing=kifet/kiffeting random=kadom thing/things=bijaja/bijajas
  2. cry/crying=sefflet/seffleting
  3. hi/hello=jugernap plants=bactat
  4. so we work together to make a new language! (etc. the=bindac) so first we make a name together! Aracticne? motag?? insentin??? anythingggggg!!!!!!!
  5. say ur user name and then ppl can add ya
  6. you need to have 0 food and 100000000 nest material to do it then you get infinite EVERYTHING!!!! im on home island but nobody wants to join my tribe! why?????? ),:
  7. idk ask a bearyeena oh no! my nichling is cold! i wanna move in into a hot tub but it wont move! what do i do???
  8. srry to come in randomly but i noticed how u have a creatures of sonaria profile lol! im surprised so many ppl play it
  9. i have a picture of the character! (not very good)
  10. a young female bird/bat/scorpion that is very small gets lost one day while she was a child and has to go on an adventure and meets new friends and learns survival???
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