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  1. That’d be a good way to escape being killed
  2. I've been playing rainworld for a lot the past two weeks I've spent uhhh I think 4 hours on spearmaster campaign (no cheats!) I got to pebbles at an hour and a half. You know the entrance that transitions from the wall to the leg to underhang? Well uhm I've spent TWO AND A HALF HOURS trying to get to the SECOND SHELTER (The first one is still in the leg) IN UNDERHANG
  3. Fun facts about me I’ve probably already said Favourite things: Food: Sushi Colour: Red Game: Rainworld Animal: Axolotl Numbers: 27, 30, 169 Show: Murder drones I like dark colours I’ve never played minecraft, fortnight, or among us.
  4. (Rainworld spoilers) Should I write a fanfiction about Artificer? I randomly thought about what if Artificer became friends with the scavengers after defeating the king scavenger? Like what if she became a good scav king/queen? (After a long time of course) Also why does king keep trying to autocorrect to kind I almost wrote “Defeating the kind scavenger”
  5. *Curiously listens to the song then casually adds it to playlist*
  6. I’m a teacher’s pet and I’m highly offended /j (But yes I’m kind of a teacher’s pet)
  7. The only thing registering in my mind is terraria music
  8. Two other songs that could be good: The periodic table song and the Pi song by ASAP science (I think)
  9. We should do Welcome to the internet (but cutting out the inappropriate bits)
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