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  1. You slowly see the hunter shade leading a hunting patrol You slowly come across a huge mountainside
  2. no) The kits were playing with leaves now
  3. Milky brought out her claws and hissed back, she arched her back slightly
  4. Nipal shook his head, "nah, I'll probably get laughed at" he said softly
  5. oof, I like 101 dalmatians) You look farther
  6. Nipal pounced on a bird aa whee bit before sitting down and tucked his legs in. He turned to watch the other cheetahs. Bet those cheetahs might laugh at me if i join in their playing
  7. (Oooh, hmm what is your favorite movie) You look past the mossball
  8. Nipal nods and started to chase another bird
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