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  1. "Sure" he said perking up a little bit, "savageclan doesn't care for me all that much"
  2. "They're my parents" he said, "Hailkit and Brookkit are my littermates"
  3. You scent the air and found the Rue skulks scent
  4. You rememer Smoothstone as the Deputy and Hollyvine when hawkstar mentioned the kits she had
  5. Stone got into a hunting crouch position and attacked the snake
  6. He nods sadly, "anyways do you know Smoothstone and Hollyvine" he asked
  7. "technically no" he said, "To be exact I'm only 5 moons old" he paused again
  8. "I'm Cold" he said, "yes that is actually my name But my actually name is Tawnykit" he paused.
  9. Dustpaw mewed, "Hey Talonpaw" he said as he got the herbs ready
  10. "No, not really" he said, "I got seperated from my sibligns at a young age"
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