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  1. Blaze stood up. She thought, I guess I could find my mother
  2. Blaze took the fawn to her den and sat down. She sat down and then ate the fawn
  3. Blaze jumped out of the boulder and stood over the fawn. With a quick bite, she bit the fawn's neck (Plus i'm working on my own sim, so if i take a little while to respond that'll be why)
  4. Blaze watched the fawn and waited for the right moment to hunt the fawn
  5. Blaze paused and sneaked up to the deer. she kept her tail still and watched the deer silently
  6. Name: Blaze Gender: female Pronouns: she/her Appearance: black jaguar with green eyes Desc: same as appearance Other: NONE
  7. Name: Burrowstar Gender: she-cat Clan: Windclan Role: Leader Description/Appearance: brown tabby she-cat with blue grey eyes and white tipped tail Personality: Kind, caring, brave Flaws: very cowardice, and gullible Other: NONE Miniform (Required) Burrowstar - Brown tabby she-cat with blue eyes and white tipped tail
  8. Hello! I have a new post and this time, I drew the disney characters as WoF characters. The first one I did was Elsa. I drew her in as a Icewing Update: redoing elsa
  9. Name: Hollywhistle Pronouns: she/her Looks: Brown tabby with green eyes Personality: kind, caring, shy, soft-spoken Clan: Branchclan Other: Medicine cat
  10. Macaw flew over to Aquaria Aquaria nodded at Macaw
  11. Aquaria nods Macaw landed at the school courtyard and waved at aquaria Aquaria looked over and waved over to Macaw. She motioned for him to come over
  12. She nods, "I'm waiting for Macaw, Macaw is a rainwing, although he is deaf" she said
  13. "Thank you" she said, "I'm waiting for a friend" she added. Ugh that sounded rude
  14. "My name's Aquaria" she said. "What's your name"
  15. Aquaria looked over at Scorch and walked over. "hello" she said shyly
  16. Aquaria looked around the courtyard, hm so many dragons. guess i better interact with one of them, she thought
  17. Aquaria gulped as she looked at the building and went inside. ok I can do this, she thought as she stepped inside
  18. speaking of Which time for me to roleplay Aquaria landed on the school's ground and looked around
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