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  1. Mainly cause the reason this is taking forever for me to do is because im shading the whole entire thing
  2. Trust me im not, i've been doing this ever since school let out
  3. Me *sitting at chromebook drawing on kleki*
  4. @BennyInTheHeights How can you say this is good, i'm literally messing up the oc for your rainwing
  5. your rainwing is turning out horrible
  6. I use Kleki https://kleki.com/ I use firealpaca when im not on the school chromebook and that's about it for laptop wise Phone art apps I use Ibispaint and autodesk sketchbook Hand drawn Good ole Pencil and Paper
  7. Heya, I'm also into warriors, if you would ever like to roleplay warriors with me, lemme know!
  8. awesome, just give me the colors for an albino shrubwing and thanks!
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