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  1. Anyone up for a roleplay?
  2. Name: Magma Tribe(s): Volcanowings Gender: female Age: 6 moons Appearance: red and black colors, Orange wings. has yellow eyes Personality: kind, hard working, courageous and loyal S&S (Sexuality and Shipping): straight and yes Powers: can control volcanoes around her Traitor or Not: not Role: Student Other: has a volcano necklace Miniform: (required) Magma (volcanowing, not, she, 6 moons, can control volcanoes around her, InTheHeights111)
  3. k back from play rehersal, sorry it took me a while
  4. plus here is the link to my own roleplay
  5. anyone up for roleplaying, bc im bored
  6. Bayella looked over with caution
  7. Lilacpaw ran out of the den. "What happened!" she blurted
  8. made my own warrior cats roleplay. if you want to join the link is down below 




  9. "That's awesome" she purred, smiling happily at the kit
  10. Lilacpaw smiled "hello Dewkit" she mewed and sat down. She winced a bit and shifted her weight. "How are we doing?" she asked
  11. Lilacpaw nods "All right" she said and sat down "i'm gonna visit the nursery then"
  12. Lilacpaw woke up in the med cat den and paused. She licked her fur and went to Palepoppy. "Anything you need me to do" she asked quietly
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