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  1. Just now, __________________________ said:

    Cobwebs, and, in case of infection, Marigold.

    You exited the Medicine Den, Fallenleaf's and Talonpaw's scent was strong, so they had to be nearby.

    Dustpaw walked towards the scent 

  2. Just now, __________________________ said:

    Soon later, you were out of the Moths territory, and on unknown land.

    Storm seemed to know this land very well, he walked calmly towards a not-so-distant tree.

    Lynx followed after his mentor

  3. 1 minute ago, __________________________ said:

    "I see.." The male said, "Well then, you can pass."

    "What?! But they-" River was cut off when the male glared at her.

    "Our territory is the only path to the Mooncave. Deal with it." He growled

    River fell silent, her ears flattened.

    Lynx nodded and followed after Storm, "So how did i do" he asked nervously

  4. Just now, __________________________ said:

    You heard the she-cat leave, and the tiny pawsteps of the kit followed her.

    Someone else entered the den, "Echomist?" You heard Fallenleaf call.

    Dustpaw pricked his ears up, "It's me Fallenleaf" he said

  5. Just now, __________________________ said:

    Once the bird came into view, tou saw that it had already been hunted. Flys had swarmed over the remains.

    Who had done this? Why had they done this?

    Stone shook his head, and sniffed the air once more

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