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  1. "I'am smelling a weird scent, that keeps following me" Dustpaw said
  2. Form: Prefix: Stone Gender/Pronouns: tom/he/him Appearance/Looks/Picture: He is a brown tabby tom with amber-yellow eyes. He has a white tipped tail and underbelly Description: He is kind and caring, although he is very abrasive towards clan cats. Other: he has siblings, you can pick them in the sim Name: Stone
  3. The apprentice stalked forward and sniffed, he hesitated a bit You got the squirrel
  4. accepted your mentor is Gravelwhisper (WHich is me)- @InTheHeights111
  5. "Hi, I'm Maroon and this is Seaweed" the silkwing said
  6. You see The fox kit raegan walking over "Hi! Im Raegan, you're Coal, aren't you?" he asked
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