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  1. accepted- Arden! You wake up in the nursery, you are excited, because you are almost get a trainer
  2. "All right" he said softly, "My mom is probably looking for me"
  3. You spot a place with shade, with no one there
  4. "Moss, Leaves, trees, No scen-Mouse!" he said The mouse let out a squeak and ran away
  5. Nipal shrugged, "Trust me i've tried before" he said softly, "I even tried practicing at night"
  6. The tom crept forward and scented the air, "hmmm leaves, trees, moss...." he said You stalk forward
  7. you look around and see Skunk, and his apprentice Jaw walking in
  8. The apprentice gulped, "You positive" the apprentice asked. The she-cat nodded You scent a mouse
  9. You see boomerang the leader's assistant
  10. "All right Tumble, let's see what you can scent" said the she-cat in a kinder voice You scent the air more
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