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  1. I haven't been here in forever, but have my latest basefull/edit
  2. anyway, im here so Id better post my new bases. I have forbade my old bases from use. If you see anyone using them pleas tell them to not use my bases. TOS- Credit: Always credit me using one of the names I go by Names: -Hollowist (What I go by on most websites and platforms) -Hollow (A nickname) Toyhouse- https://toyhou.se/Hollowist Discord- Hollowist#1368 Artfight- https://artfight.net/~Hollowist Edits: Most edits are alright, What I do NOT allow is anything that is NSFW or derogatory to anyone. Gain: You can sell designs on these bases for anything, money, Da points, OTA, anything. I do not allow: -Selling the base itself -Selling edits of the base If you have any questions, Dm me on my Discord.
  3. Its said to be a bad luck and offensive to people who hear, say, or write the name. To make ocs based off of the creature or to have the name on anything is said to be very offensive to people (Such as me) who believe in the beast. Id recommend to change the name of that dragon its very triggering and upsetting to see
  4. im tired and dont come here often but take it. Follow my TOS
  5. I haven't existed here in forever take some anemone art from a card game me and a group are working on. Might make some headshot bases idk
  6. Sorry that i sorta died on the site. Heres some new art in a new style
  7. Finished this huge project! sona’s belong to- @/GingerDragon#2993 (DONE) @/AmazonDrawzStuff_YT#3007 (DONE) @/Shii#1992 (DONE) @/codywisdure#8921 (DONE) @/MegalodonTheSeawing#7643 (DONE) @/Visionary#2729 (DONE) @/Ten feathers, Endless memories#3168 (DONE) @/Summer#4004 (DONE) @/DeadThingies#8010 (DONE) @/Adderwing#0362 (DONE) @/NotUrSenpai#3188 (DONE) @/Phoenix#3270 (DONE) @/Gypsum the SandWing#6666 (DONE) @/Elays Child#8150 (DONE) @/Dendro#3156 (DONE) @/Bp#2554 (DONE) @/Hamilton Weirdo#1234 (DONE) @/SnuggleMuffin#6984 (DONE) @/Rat Under Your Bed#8149 (DONE) @/Yuurn#0001 (DONE) @/Nerd#6905 (DONE) @/!Coconut!#8363 (DONE) @/Mrs. Crazy Creative#2499 (DONE) @/MetaNightNyan#9435 (DONE) @/hahagobrr#6666 (DONE) @/doctorwars2#9381 (DONE) @/Endy#7027 (DONE) @/WafflePancakes#2129 (DONE) @/Sequoia#3431 (DONE) @/wilbur#3656 (DONE) @/+.Pain.+#2515 (DONE) and myself! This took about 5 days of almost non-stop work. Only pausing to eat a snack or sleep for about 4 hours.
  8. Hi haven’t been here in a bit, and I changed my style BIG TIME. I find this style much simpler and much more fun to draw (Base by Bio) I also finished my wofsona, Sunchaser
  9. MR. WIGGLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MY FIRST OC- HE'S MY CHILD!
  10. Haven't posted here in a few days.. I tried a new shading style with Elevation. Instead of doing Darkblue shade -> Liner Burn I tried Lightblue shade -> Multiply
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