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  1. Finished this huge project! sona’s belong to- @/GingerDragon#2993 (DONE) @/AmazonDrawzStuff_YT#3007 (DONE) @/Shii#1992 (DONE) @/codywisdure#8921 (DONE) @/MegalodonTheSeawing#7643 (DONE) @/Visionary#2729 (DONE) @/Ten feathers, Endless memories#3168 (DONE) @/Summer#4004 (DONE) @/DeadThingies#8010 (DONE) @/Adderwing#0362 (DONE) @/NotUrSenpai#3188 (DONE) @/Phoenix#3270 (DONE) @/Gypsum the SandWing#6666 (DONE) @/Elays Child#8150 (DONE) @/Dendro#3156 (DONE) @/Bp#2554 (DONE) @/Hamilton Weirdo#1234 (DONE) @/SnuggleMuffin#6984 (DONE) @/Rat Under Your Bed#81
  2. Hi haven’t been here in a bit, and I changed my style BIG TIME. I find this style much simpler and much more fun to draw (Base by Bio) I also finished my wofsona, Sunchaser
  3. MR. WIGGLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MY FIRST OC- HE'S MY CHILD!
  4. Haven't posted here in a few days.. I tried a new shading style with Elevation. Instead of doing Darkblue shade -> Liner Burn I tried Lightblue shade -> Multiply
  5. Lighting and background practice
  6. Day 3- Beets. She's MTF trans
  7. Here's some of my ocs ref sheets I have plenty more for my HK characters but ill only give a few here because I have TOO MANY
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