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  1. Micha

    Nimbatus Uninstalled from my computer

    Hey welcome to the forum Weird that the game got deleted. 🤔 You can download the demo here: https://www.nimbatus.ch/SuperSecretDemo/
  2. Micha

    Status Pads

    Hmm interesting idea
  3. @Mysticalbear Can you upload the save file so we can have a look? Here is where to find it:
  4. Micha

    0.3.2 (?) What is that?

    Ok I'll try to reproduce it by that way. The save mechanism might cause problems when you kill the game during saving. Will also be fixed soon
  5. Micha

    0.3.2 LEDs don't react to tags

    Thanks for reporting! This will be fixed in the next update. Keep in mind it's an alpha so this wont be the last bug you'll encounter. Sorry about the LEDs
  6. Micha

    0.3.2 (?) What is that?

    I'll check them out later and try to load. Did the game crash before this happened or did you do something special?
  7. Micha

    0.3.2 (?) What is that?

    Mhh ok is it broken?
  8. Micha

    0.3.2 (?) What is that?

    Yep now start a game and go back to the main menu Then it should be fixed. It's the unity font rendering that makes problems
  9. Micha

    0.3.2 (?) What is that?

    @OmegaDeltaZero Seems like some resolution setting is broken. Go to C:\Users\Username\AppData\LocalLow\Nimbatus\Nimbatus and delete the gameSettings.dat I'll make it read and editable soon so you can change the setting in an ini file and restart. But for now it would be a good idea to just delete the file to reset your settings.
  10. Micha

    New members

    The closed alpha we are currently running is for our kickstarter backers. But we have a GIF contest, where you can win a steam key!
  11. Yeah all genes save their progress individually, therefore the new genes have to be unlocked again. We plan to rework this in a future update, it's a bit buggy at the moment
  12. Micha

    0.3.2 Secondary ground render gets striped

    Does it always happen for you, or just sometimes? This bug is hard to find, as I could not reproduce it on my pc.
  13. Micha

    0.3.2 Weapons don't need energy

    Yep I see. We could also restrict that upgrades that modify the same attribute cannot be used in combination.