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  1. Micha

    Development WIP

    Working on drone sharing with steam workshop integration
  2. Micha

    Game freezes on loading screen

    Hey @SumnerShadow I tried to load the savefile and it worked fine. Can you send me your system information? You can get it by clicking on Help->Get System Information inside Steam. Cheers, Micha
  3. What exactly happens? Does the night not end or can you not play with the savefile anymore?
  4. If you open an older savefile, try to end the day. The game will be saved with the new version as soon as you end the day.
  5. Micha

    creating weapon bug

    Yes this should be fixed with the last patch
  6. Micha

    Hammerhead Shoal don't aggro for detached drones

    Mhh this should not happen 🤔 Ill try to reproduce it. Even if they dont have a target they should roam around
  7. Micha

    Snow/Back To The Future Bug

    I moved it over to Niche
  8. Micha

    Fuel and Energy Sensors

    Mhh good idea to couple it to the tanks directly 👍
  9. @OmegaDeltaZero Nice snake game But the amount of logic parts needed is crazy!
  10. Micha

    creating weapon bug

    I could reproduce it! It should be fixed in the new patch However you might have to delete the previously created weapons.
  11. Dear crew We just released the update 0.4.2 for the closed alpha on Steam. This patch contains one critical bugfix. Fixes Fixed bug that newly added weapons got deleted and always changed back to the same weapon. Thanks for reporting the bugs! If you encounter any more problems please report them in Bugs Cheers, Stray Fawn Studio
  12. Micha

    biobarrel mission fail

    Ok thanks for reporting. Ill check if some setting of the barells are messed up with the new update. They should only explode when you crash them into something.
  13. Micha

    Heating suggestions

    We left the overheating / cooling of weapons out for now, because it was a bit too hard when you have to worry about burning / freezing on each planet.
  14. Some players had the problem that the virus scanner falsely identified Nimbatus as a virus and then deleted it. You could try to whitelist it on your antivirus software and try again, if thats the case.