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  1. Dear Drone Engineers, We just released an update on the preview branch to test the new Brawl Tournament! Please play the new Brawl Tournament and upload your drone as opponents, so we have many drones to test the balance. This update also adds German localization. If you speak German, please switch the language and report any grammatical or UI layout errors you find Here is how you can get the preview build on steam: – Open your Steam library– Right click on Nimbatus in the Steam library– Select Properties / Beta– Select the Beta tab – Enter imadeabackup as password to unlock the preview branch– Select brawl_preview from the drop down – Restart steam in case the game does not update automatically or you can't see the preview branch Patchnotes New Features New Brawl Tournament Prepared the game to be ready for localization and added German localization as a test New Drone Parts: New mechanical part: Flipper New melee weapon: Bumper Reworks: Changed the look of the Tournament UI Reworked all the UI labels to be able to scale dynamically in size Added torque and option to reverse rotation for saw blades Added options to better control the camera in competitive modes Added timescale-slider for Autonomous Racing Balanced the damage of all melee weapons Misc: Upgraded our engine to Unity 2018.4.6f1 Happy testing! Cheers, Stray Fawn Studio Keep in mind that this preview build is still a work in progress, therefore I strongly recommend to back up your savefiles before downloading the preview branch. Here is where you can find the savefiles and logfiles: https://strayfawnstudio.com/community/index.php?/topic/651-please-read-this-before-posting/
  2. Micha

    Game wont start

    Hey @jon Please have a look at this thread and try the solutions posted there: Especially the one where you edit the settigs.ini file to start the game in windowed mode. Hopefully this helps! Also make sure your graphic card drivers are updated as we updated the engine for the newest version of Niche. Cheers, Micha
  3. Yep this savefile is definitely corrupt. It only contains 1 empty drone and nothing else So something went wrong while saving it. It could either be an overly agressive Antivirus software that deleted nimbatus while it was running and this corrupted the saves and made it look like the game is uninstalled. The saves are stored separately so they did not get deleted. Or steam did something wrong when syncing the savefiles to the cloud. Did the game crash the last time you played it before it was uninstalled? I'll fix the game so that it will detect corrupt saves and show an error message instead of loading into a buggy state.
  4. We did make some changes related to this. Projectiles now check wether they are being spawned inside the terrain and destroy itself automatically. The same logic is also applied when spawning drone parts inside the terrain using the factory part. This should reduce the occurrence of this bug.
  5. The laser beam exception is nothing critical. It's a bug in the weapon preview tooltip when you hover over a weapon. But I'll try to reproduce it with a drone that has lasers. Other than that nothing really out of the ordinary in the logfile. No worries, I'll try to reproduce it myself. Thanks alot for the testing!
  6. You just have to fly over the big container with your full tanks. The resources should then start to drain from the tanks and the counter should go up.
  7. Hmm Interesting.Thanks alot for the detailed report! I did not manage yet to reproduce the bug. Would be great if you can upload the logfile right after you visit the ore planet when it's bugged. The logfile is stored here: C:\Users\Username\AppData\LocalLow\Nimbatus\Nimbatus\output_log.txt
  8. The winners are @Amrajh @Rookeem and @FlyingFire! Congratz! I'll send you a PM with the Steam Key
  9. Would be great if you can get me the save, so I can see what's the issue. the saves are located here: C:\Users\Username\AppData\LocalLow\Nimbatus\Nimbatus\Saves
  10. Super weird 🤔 Next time this happens please get the logfile, maybe we can see some of the errors there. Also Nimbatus should not uninstall itself
  11. Micha

    i want beta

    You can download the demo here https://www.nimbatus.ch/supersecretdemo
  12. Thanks for reporting, I'll have a look and analyze how this happens!
  13. Dear Drone Engineers, We just released the 0.7.4 patch for the new Campaign Update to fix some bugs. Fixes Researcher doesn’t get fuel tanks as rewards in asteroid fields and travel events anymore You can no longer bribe pirates if you don’t have enough resources Fixed that collecting bio barrells or meteors gave no resources anymore and corrupted the savefile so the resource amount was reset to default. Dynamic thrusters no longer work when frozen Cheers, Stray Fawn Studio
  14. According to VirusTotal, Nimbatus should not be wrongly detected as Trojan anymore https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/e69d5a71629d4b72338f192794079c05d98e613beb132a2ce7ed8b83d05ea571/detection
  15. Try updating kaspersky. It somehow often wrongly detects unity games as trojans
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