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  1. It's Latin and means something like "shrouded in mist". Coming up with good names is super hard so I just picked random words from a Latin dictionary that sound cool and have a nice meaning.
  2. Dear Drone Engineers, We just released a preview build of the 1.1 update for Nimbatus. It would be awesome if you could test this build and report any bugs you can find! We looked over all suggestions posted here https://strayfawnstudio.com/community/index.php?/forum/96-11-update-feature-requests/ and picked the features that have the most upvotes and match the time scope and theme of this update the best. The two new drone parts: wheels and grappling hook, need to be tested in the brawl / race and sumo mode so we can decide if we can allow those parts or if we have to ban them for the competitive modes. For that we've created a separate drone pool for this preview version. So please play the competitive modes using the new parts and give us your feedback! Patchnotes 1.1.0 New Features Drone Part Multiselection: Press Ctrl and click on multiple drone parts or press CTRL and drag a rectangle to select multiple parts. If the parts are of the same type you can edit them all at once. Drone Part Templates: You can create templates of drone parts, store them and use them when building different drones. New Racing drone skin awarded for the Speed Demon achievement New Tutorials to learn magnets and tags Free camera option for the programmer captain New Drone Parts Wheels Grappling Hook Ballast Tank Added linear option for springs, this allows for better suspension for wheels Improvements Improved Brawl mode: When getting a draw in brawl the winner is now determined by the amount of damage each drone has dealt. Removed sensor upgrade for programmer, minimap is always fully visible Made resource container transparent when droneparts drop into it Added effect for dropping items into container Added linear option for springs Bugfixes Fixed threat level not updating when starting a new game Fixed bridge upgrade not working correctly in sandbox mode Added fail state to bio barrel mission when too many bio barrels were destroyed Happy testing! Cheers, Stray Fawn Studio Here is how you can get the preview build on steam: – Open your Steam library– Right click on Nimbatus in the Steam library– Select Properties / Beta– Select the Beta tab– Select preview from the drop down – Restart steam in case the game does not update automatically or you can't see the preview branch
  3. Yeah sometimes Kaspersky acts up and wrongfully detects nimbatus as virus. I tried contacting them but it seems it's not yet fixed You can try whitelisting nimbatus so kaspersky does not crash the game anymore until it's fixed.
  4. Dear Drone Engineers, We just released the 1.0.9 patch to fix some of the newly reported bugs. Fixes Fixed bug where survival tutorial prompts you to build a drone even though you’ve already built one Fixed bug where survival tutorial tells you your drone uses too many parts when you’ve deleted it Fixed audio bug with resource tank that caused lag Fixed timezone related crashes Fixed that the Launch Button for downloaded drones was not aligned with the screen height Fixed increased battery recharge effect breaking Fixed printing of motorized hinges and flippers Fixed sound of motorized hinges and pistons Fixed death wall in versus races breaking when waiting after race has ended Fixed UI when browsing steam drones and nothing is selected Fixed download screen when downloading a drone from steam Fixed bug where sensors targeting “next waypoint” would stop working after a while when going in reverse on a race track Fixed bug where “Reset Galaxy” after dying in sandbox didn’t work We already have over 100 new ideas and suggestions for the next update! Please keep upvoting and adding new suggestions in our forum for the next update: https://strayfawnstudio.com/community/index.php?/forum/96-11-update-feature-requests/ Cheers, Stray Fawn Studio
  5. Ok very interesting. Thanks a lot for the in-depth analysis! I did not manage to reproduce it on my machine using your save-file, however I analyzed the code and found some potential bugs that I fixed. @Shahbaz I uploaded a new build to the preview beta-branch on Steam with those fixes. It would be really great if you could test if it helped or not.
  6. It seems you have not much memory left and the animal patterns can use up alot. For savefiles with larger packs, it can help to lower the animal pattern resolution in the graphic settings.
  7. Thanks for reporting this, I'll look into it
  8. Add the possibility to store a sub-tree of a drone as a template you can reuse in another drone. Here is how it could work: Select a drone part Click on a button to create a template of this part and all its child parts Window pops-up where you can enter a Name and Description for the template Templates are stored locally and not directly with the drone You can drag and drop templates into the editor like you would with drone parts Excuse the bad MS-paint mockup
  9. Add the possibility to write and place sticky notes in the drone editor to explain the functionality or remember some complicated logic. Those notes are stored together with the drone and are also readable when downloading a drone from the workshop.
  10. Add the possibility to select multiple parts at once, either by shift-clicking on the parts or dragging a rectangle on the screen. Multi-part selection should have these features: Edit Settings and change Keybindings for all selected parts (when they are of the same type) Change drone skins for all selected parts Move and rotate all selected parts Delete all selected parts Replace all selected parts with a new part
  11. Small fix: The downloaded drones from the workshop should now be visible again, sorry!
  12. Dear Drone Engineers, We just released the 1.0.8 hotfix to fix the main bugs you've reported over the weekend. Improvements Added the possibility to import drones from files for the programmer captain Programmer captain doesn’t receive useless mother ship upgrades as rewards anymore Updated Credits Fixes Fixed bug where no save files where shown, even after starting a new game Fixed crash when flying on planets, was related to minimap memory usage Fixed hull repair cost not updating correctly in sandbox mode Fixed mothership upgrade rewards of lower level downgrading your upgrade level Fixed hammerhead not spawning in “destroy hammerhead at core” mission Fixed cryotank mission where the mission target would be the broken container instead of the tank. Also removed colliders of broken container. Fixed being able to use more weapons than you actually have at weapon casino Made boom-bug queens return to the planet if they fly too far away from the planet, so they don't get lost in space. Cheers, Stray Fawn Studio
  13. With the new keybind settings in the main menu, you can remove the auto-assignment for all the parts.
  14. We started a new competition Visit this thread to participate!
  15. We got some awesome submissions for the first Drone Building Contest! You can see a list of all the winners in this thread Since last week, many new players have downloaded and played the Nimbatus Drone Creator. That's why we start a brand-new Drone Building Contest today! The deadline to enter a drone is May 19th. Winners will receive 1 of 3 Steam keys for the full game. Here is how you can enter the building competition: Build the smartest, coolest looking or most creative drone using the Nimbatus Drone Creator. Create a GIF of the drone (press F9 to create a GIF of the last 10 seconds in the game) or record one otherwise. Post your GIF in one of these places to enter the competition: - In this Thread - On our Discord - Or share it on Twitter with #DroneCreator We hope you enjoy the Drone Creator and wish you good luck in the competition! Cheers, Stray Fawn Studio
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