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  1. Micha

    Development WIP

    nimbatus.mp4 Slow and steady wins the race The directional sensor points towards a "rabbit" that goes along the middle of the track at the movement speed of the sensor.
  2. Micha


    Ok good to know that you found a workaround
  3. Micha

    I hate to be this way but...

    I think exit without saving and a delete confirmation are both pretty important and will for sure be added at some point during early access.
  4. Micha

    I hate to be this way but...

    Yeah I would have to make every action completely reversable. Which is easy for a simple rotation but gets more complicated when you delete a subgroup of the drone. The system we have now was just simpler and less time consuming to implement. A more performant system would require some major refactorings. Lets see how it is with the improved performance now and decide afterwards if it makes sense to invest more time into it
  5. Micha

    I hate to be this way but...

    The undo stack is limited to 100 changes. It only affects memory usage so increasing the stack wont improve the fps. After each undo / redo the whole drone is recreated from scratch. Thats why it takes time when having alot of parts.
  6. Micha

    Healing and friendly fire mods

    Interesting idea 🤔
  7. Micha

    I hate to be this way but...

    The next update will have a performance improvement when working on larger drones. Rotating, moving or changing values or parts will be much faster. However The undo / redo is still a bit slow with 1000+ parts.
  8. Micha

    I hate to be this way but...

    Yeah the editor has some problems with large drones because each modification triggers a save state for the undo / redo system. I'll see what I can do to improve the performance
  9. My Priorities: 0.) Listen to what the players want most 1.) Better replayability, due to a progression system, item unlocks, different game modes with harder difficulty or user generated content. 2.) More challenges and worlds where you need to use your skills as drone engineer in many different ways. (Asteroid minefields, Bossfights, drone vs. drone battles, abandoned space stations, labyrinths for autonomous drone exploration, etc...) 3.) Better usability for the drone workshop, better tools and better customization options for the different drone parts, especially sensors.
  10. Hey crew, We just released the update 0.5.10 for Nimbatus. It contains fixes for two small but annoying bugs. Bugfixes: Camera Trackers are now disabled inside the sumo arena. We reduced the default camera recoil shake because it the effect was too strong on higher zoom levels. We are still heavily working on the new update! For work in in-progress updates and some sneak peaks of the Drone Racing Update, please check out this thread: Cheers, Stray Fawn Studio
  11. @PriestessKikyo1 Unfortunately there is nothing in the Slot3 savefile It seems to be empty What happened before it got corrupted? Did you close the game correctly, or just shut down your pc? Or are you using a second computer to play Niche? (Maybe the steam savefile synchronisation messed it up)
  12. Micha

    What is the worst/funniest injury you have ever gotten?

    I went skiing and managed to get hit by a stationary metal rod right between my legs. It was very painful and I was hospitalized because I could not sit or walk anymore for a few days. Luckily no lasting damage was done
  13. Micha

    A dev question about logic

    Yeah I need some pictures It's hard to understand it otherwise
  14. Micha

    A dev question about logic

    A wireless part that does not split but gets the signals from the dronebrain would have to combine the signals from it's parent hub (which might be a splitter or another wireless part) and the drone brain which has information about the manually pressed keys. Or am I not seeing something?
  15. Micha

    A dev question about logic

    The drone brain, logic splitters and connectors have a "hub" which contains a list of active signals. The splitters and drone brain have a seperate hub, but the connectors just foward queries to the drone brain. Each dronepart has a reference to it's parent hub, which is found by traversing the hierarchy upwards starting from the dronepart itself. This reference is then used to ask if a signal is active or not.