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  1. He was also born in the same year as me, maybe I have a long lost twin brother
  2. Thanks for reporting! We will look into it!
  3. this was added in the 1.1 update
  4. This was added in the 1.1 Update
  5. Micha

    Deleted My Save

    @NiceGirl1000 I'm sorry that happened Sometimes saves vanish when Steam tries to back them up in the cloud. We could look in the game files to see if the save is still around somwhere. Here is where the saves are stored on your computer: Linux: ~/.config/unity3d/Team Niche/Niche - a genetics survival game/Saves Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/unity.Team Niche.Niche - a genetics survival game/Saves Windows: C:\Users\Username\AppData\LocalLow\Team Niche\Niche - a genetics survival game\Saves If you find the missing save in the folder you can send it to me and I can check if I'm able to open it.
  6. I just uploaded a new patch, adding a new condition to the competitive modes that limits part stacking. Currently it's set to max. 10 close overlaps / part. Therefore we removed the ban on ballast tanks, as they could only be weaponized when stacking them excessively.
  7. Wow first one I know who got all the achievements congratz!
  8. Dear Drone Engineers, We just released a patch on the preview branch. Patchnotes 1.1.2 Improvements Added confirmation dialog for exit without saving Made collision detection of hook continuous to avoid clipping through other parts Grappling hook does not attach anymore to parts with frictionless coating Reworked grappling hook visuals Banned ballast tank from sumo and brawl Bugfixes Fixed wireless fuel and energy exploit by destroying a decoupler Happy testing! Cheers, Stray Fawn Studio Here is how you can get the preview build on steam: – Open your Steam library– Right click on Nimbatus in the Steam library– Select Properties / Beta– Select the Beta tab– Select preview from the drop down – Restart steam in case the game does not update automatically or you can't see the preview branch
  9. Dear Drone Engineers, We just released the new Update! For this update we looked through all the features that you requested and upvoted in our forums and picked the ones that we liked most and were within our time limit. The two most notable changes are the new Multiselection feature that let's you select and edit multiple drone parts at once by pressing CTRL. And the Dronepart Template system where you can create templates and use them accross your drones. Here is a video showcasing some of the new features: Discount and Drone Building Contest To celebrate the update, Nimbatus is 25% off for the next two weeks! Also we are running a Drone Building contest in our discord, where you can win steam keys for Nimbatus. Head over to our Discord to participate! Patchnotes 1.1.2 New Features Drone Part Multiselection: Press Ctrl and click on multiple drone parts or press CTRL and drag a rectangle to select multiple parts. If the parts are of the same type you can edit them all at once. Drone Part Templates: You can create templates of drone parts, store them and use them when building different drones. New Racing drone skin awarded for the Speed Demon achievement New Tutorials to learn magnets and tags Free camera option for the programmer captain Exit without save button for the drone workshop New Drone Parts Wheels Grappling Hook Ballast Tank Improvements Improved Brawl mode: When getting a draw in brawl the winner is now determined by the amount of damage each drone has dealt. Removed sensor upgrade for programmer, minimap is always fully visible Made resource container transparent when droneparts drop into it Added effect for dropping items into container Added linear option for springs, this allows for better suspension for wheels Added condition to competitive modes that limits drone part stacking Bugfixes Fixed threat level not updating when starting a new game Fixed bridge upgrade not working correctly in sandbox mode Added fail state to bio barrel mission when too many bio barrels were destroyed Fixed drones in versus races spawning at weird angles Fixed bug where undo/redo did not work after changing drone skins Because we fixed the fuel and part stacking exploits, we had to reset the racing leaderboards. Please keep on requesting and voting for new features for future updates Cheers, Stray Fawn Studio
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