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  1. nighttime:/

    I think SetGene and Add Statuseffect are a bit buggy. When the night does not end, it just means an error happened. I'll see if we can fix it for the next update. However if you use the dev console we won't guarantee that the game works fine all the time
  2. nighttime:/

    What commands did you use before this happened?
  3. Development WIP

    We will use this thread to post fresh screenshots, videos and gifs of the new features and things we are currently working on. Here a sneak peak of the new call I'm working on. It can be used while you are on top of a treestump and it has a chance to attract wild animals! The lower your population, the higher the chance
  4. Symmetry

    A symmetry mode would be cool but it's pretty complicated to add. Did you know you can already build one side of the drone and then just Flip it over? You can flip selected parts vertically with [F] and horizontally with [G] I moved the post to Feature Requests, as it is not a drone part
  5. Does this still happen in 0.2.4?
  6. Can't use the delete key for triggering things

    Thanks for reporting
  7. Yeah the fuel shader has some small problems It also shows a tiny bit of fuel even when it's empty.
  8. Bug Forum Guidelines?

    The more detailed the better Screenshots and logfiles always help alot! The pull logs button is also a great idea. I might add this for the next alpha version.
  9. Error Report

    Thanks for the crashlogs, I'll take a look at them.
  10. Nimbatus menu not loading

    Please try updating your graphic card drivers. Also make sure you have unzipped the files into a folder before starting the game.
  11. problem with running

    Pink screen is most likely a shader that does not work. You can try updating your graphic card drivers and try again.
  12. Restarting with same bloodline - no genetic variation

    Currently if you go extinct, we check wether you once had an animal on the same island with home immunity gene. In thid case the new animals from the same bloodline should get it too. But if you lost the home immunity gene before traveling to a new island, you won't get it back.
  13. 2 Bugs I've noticed so far...

    Those two Bugs should be fixed with the newest version
  14. leeches on land, want my save file?

    Hey Crystal You can upload the savefile here or send it to support@strayfawnstudio.com