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  1. Weird, we never installed a plugin that does this. Maybe the company where we host the website did this. We have to ask them whats going on.
  2. Micha

    "There is no data folder"

    Make sure your antivirus is not deleting the files, sometimes unity games get wrongly detected as virus.
  3. Micha

    "There is no data folder"

    Hey @Illy Are you on the tester branch or the normal version on steam? Both should have a Niche_Data folder next to the executable, the folder is different for each platform and release.
  4. I'm experimenting with drone skins, similar to this suggestion: Obvious placeholder graphics incoming
  5. In-place replace functionality for drone parts Also in this gif: drone part inventory for the new campaign mode we are working on
  6. Hey @roaringdoe , welcome to the forums :) It looks like the game ran out of memory. Please try to set the Animal Pattern resolution in the graphic options to the lowest setting and try to load the game again. This will lower the memory usage and hopefully help with the crash. Let me know if this worked!
  7. Some of the highscores were also achieved with magnet kickstarting
  8. We just updated the roadmap with information about the upcoming update
  9. Maybe we should add a feature to see the exact colliders.
  10. Ok will be fixed with the next update.
  11. Thats normal @Markus If you buy a key on humble you can't write a review on steam unless you have bought some steam games first. Also the reviews from humble players don't count towards the game score.
  12. @cotanbunny Can you send me the savefile, so we can reproduce this bug?
  13. Some solid suggestions here
  14. The random number generator has spoken! 🏆 The 5 winners are: @Petrescue10 @janos.banocziruof @SAibot @BDMonkeys @Elitepandabear95 Congratulations! I'll send you the steam key via PM.
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