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  1. Dear Drone Engineers, We just released a preview build of the release version of Nimbatus. It would be awesome if you could test this build and report any bugs you can find! The full release of Nimbatus is getting closer! For this we are translating the game into more languages. It's not yet finished, but you can already change the language and see what has been translated so far. If you find text errors or spelling mistakes, please head over to our Crowdin page and suggest a better translation! https://crowdin.com/project/nimbatus. We still plan to continue updating Nimbatus after the release, but the full release is an important step for us and we hope to get many new players on board Please note: the new achievements are not yet working for the default game version, only for the preview version! Patchnotes New Features Ice planets with new missions and enemies Tutorial / Introduction for survival mode New Intro for the survival mode (Outro coming soon) New final corp planet for the survival mode New corp enemies New pirate enemies New missions for jungle and lava planets New drone effects, obtainable as rewards at the end of galaxies New sandbox mode options Mothership upgrades and drone effects can now be activated in sandbox mode Sandbox mode options can now be changed in already existing saves Added 34 new Steam Achievements Added unlockable Corp Drone skin New Drone Parts Added sniper weapon Added spark thrower weapon Improvements Changed fonts to support more languages You now damage the terrain if you collide with enough speed. This was added to address the problem of single pixels of terrain blocking you. Added area indicator in which boombugs and lavabombers deal splash damage Toned down the heat area indicator for heat bubbles Functionally identical weapons now stack, except for researcher, as you might want to equip different upgrades Added option to disable the border in the test simulation Added velocity and angular velocity display to the test simulation Balancing Bio Barrels difficulty scales with how far you traveled Stonemanta Caves have 1200HP instead of 2000HP Lava Bomber Caves have 2000HP instead of 3000HP Small Magnet now has a radius of 15 instead of 10 meters Lava Bomber deals 250 damage instead of 600, in 23m radius instead of 30m Lava Cores heat drone parts up by 40°C instead of 50°C per second Heat capacitor has more health and heats by 5°C instead of 10°C per second Cryo Pod has more health Lowered the amount of Lava Bomber hives to destroy on easy difficulty Bugfixes Fixed bug where the rotation mode of the weapon gets reset Fixed angle offset of multiple beam laser Fixed bug where corp battery tower spawned inside the shield of the corp laboratory Fixed translation for air resistance downgrade Stronemantas now show Healthbar when damaged Lava Bombers now show Healthbar when damaged Fixed bad performance of proximity sensor Fixed bug where “mission failed” popup wouldn’t show up when mission was previously completed Fixed bug where lava fountains didn’t register certain collisions Mines are now detectable as enemies Fixed weapons being able to shoot through terrain Fixed tooltip flickering when displaying weapon details Fixed bug when exporting drones on linux (they ended up without file ending) Happy testing! Cheers, Stray Fawn Studio Here is how you can get the preview build on steam: – Open your Steam library– Right click on Nimbatus in the Steam library– Select Properties / Beta– Select the Beta tab– Select preview from the drop down – Restart steam in case the game does not update automatically or you can't see the preview branch
  2. Hmm I'd need your logfile to check out whats causing the problems. Here is explained how to find the logfile:
  3. It should be a danger zone, I'll check it out.
  4. Thanks for the logs! We will analyze and fix it.
  5. Bug: on my samsung galaxy s10, the label with the food count is hidden by the front facing camera.
  6. Update 0.9.6: We just uploaded a hotfix that fixes the Mission with the Energy Tower. The Battery-tower accidentally spawned inside the shield and was pretty tricky to destroy.
  7. Dear Drone Engineers, We are super happy how the community translations are progressing! This is how the current progress looks like: We just opened a new Beta branch on Steam called "translation". We will update it weekly and you can use it to check if the translations are correct. This build is the current development build, so there could be some bugs or unfinished features inside. We are also testing a new font that can support more languages than the current one. If you want to help with translating the game or suggest some better translations, please join our Crowdin project for your language here: https://crowdin.com/project/nimbatus You might have to wait a few hours before the join request gets accepted, as we do them manually Cheers and Thanks, Stray Fawn Studio
  8. Use some TnT or penetrating lasers until it's fixed @STM @*Tr4nc3
  9. Thanks for notifying, I changed the checkbox. I'll add danish if we have at least 2 translators
  10. We just pushed a hot fix that fixes the Tutorial. It was not possible to do the tutorial steps without restarting the game
  11. Dear Drone Engineers, We just released the new Mothership Update on Steam! Enhance the Nimbatus in the campaign mode with many different upgrades and perks and try to survive with the new Programmer Captain! To celebrate the update we are running a giveaway on Twitter Help needed to translate Nimbatus We are looking for people to help us localize Nimbatus into other languages during the next 2 months! If you are interested to help, please visit our forum for more information: https://strayfawnstudio.com/community/index.php?/topic/8559-nimbatus-localization-help-needed/ Patchnotes 0.9.4 Important Information: This update resets the save files, however your drones should be safe. We extract them from your old save files and place them into the global drone list. You can find your drones inside a new Sandbox save or in the competitive modes. We had to reset the Brawl drone pool, because we changed how this mode works. Please play the brawl mode again and upload your drones so we have enough opponents available New Features Nimbatus mother ship upgrades Added first Steam Achievements and unlockable drone skins. We will add more achievements in the next update. Please note that the corp skin is not yet unlockable New captain: Programmer New save file management (freely create / name / delete save files instead of having fixed slots) Added difficulty settings to the survival mode New Jungle Ruin location New Garage and Weapon-casino locations Added new rewards when advancing to the next galaxy. New Drone Parts Temperature probe Audio part Small Hollow Block Programmable LED Improvements Adjusted spawn rates for missions, planet themes and planet events Reworked the brawl-mode Added new travel events Added Ambient soundscapes on planets New music for the galaxy map Options are now also accessible from the galaxy map Snakes are now detectable with sensors as danger zone Added detection layer for enemy projectiles Added mission target as detection layer to detect mission relevant objects Added container as directional sensor target Added nearest enemy as directional sensor target Added mission target as directional sensor target Added fallback target to directional sensor and vtol thruster in case no direction could be calculated Reworked drone skin selection Drone skins can now be applied to all drone parts Added ability to flip and offset skins Added time slider to test area Added ability to rotate the drone core and made the visuals symmetrical Added option to hide sensor visualization Nimbatus now supports wider than 21:9 aspect ratios Added radius indicator for heat bubbles Balancing Increased inventory for shops Decreased prices for shop items Heat bubble radius increased by 50% Default radius of TnT is now 10 Improved effectiveness of heat-seeking and laser-guided rockets Adjusted captain starting parts Rebalanced weapon upgrade prices and tech tree Jungle chests now give 80 rare resources instead of 200 Made grenades heavier, less bouncy Made meteors stay hot for longer Increased radius of small magnet from 5 to 10 Lowered boombug hive HP from 3000 to 2500 Bugfixes Fixed bug where timer on ore planet would not work Fixed bug where the travel screen would break while in creative mode Fixed bug where Heavyweight perk effects weren’t applied correctly Used tag list is now correctly updated when deleting parts or switching the drone Several UI fixes where descriptions sometimes got cut off Fixed collider size of "select drone", sometimes blocked the mouseover for rewards Lava Heat Capacitor doesn’t radiate heat anymore when frozen Fixed bug where you could use wireless fuel / energy by decoupling a subdrone using a factory part that has fuel tanks behind a decoupler Fixed bug where sawblades would erroneously trigger overlap detection Fixed bug where decouplers and factory parts stopped working correctly Fixed bug where you could still access fuel and energy after destroying a parent decoupler Fixed looping player container sound effect during loading screen Fixed bug where you could assign the same upgrades multiple times to a weapon Other Added support for Metal graphics API for Mac Upgraded Steam API to fix compatibility issues Added link to help us with the translation of the game Thanks a lot for testing the update on the preview branch and reporting all the bugs! By the way, Nimbatus is currently participating in the Builder Games Sale on Steam and is 20% off until Friday: https://store.steampowered.com/curator/4/sale/buildersale Cheers, Stray Fawn Studio
  12. Dear Drone Engineers, We are looking for people to help us localize Nimbatus into other languages during the next 2 months! For this we have set up a Crowdin page where we have uploaded all the texts that need to be translated. We will continuously update the page and add some more words in the next months. (We currently have around 6000 words in 1200 sentences) We are currently planning to translate the game into the following languages. German Chinese Simplified Chinese Traditional French Japanese Korean Polish Portuguese, Brazilian Russian Spanish Turkish Czech Dutch If you want to help us translate Nimbatus, please request access on the Crowdin page directly! https://crowdin.com/project/nimbatus We can also translate into more or different languages if you can help us with the translation! Please also post here with the language you want to translate if it's not yet on the list ! If you have problems understanding some of the texts or need more context, please let us now and we will provide more screenshots Cheers, Stray Fawn Studio
  13. Yeah the winners will get a key they can type into steam to get the game. So you can gift it to someone
  14. Dear Drone Engineers, We just released another small patch on the preview branch that fixes some critical bugs. We also added support for the Metal graphics API on Mac. Please report if anything does not look correctly anymore. Patchnotes 0.9.3 Bugfixes Drone skins should no longer be locked again if you have the steam achievement. Homing missiles no longer work as programmer captain Upgraded Steam API to fix compatibility issues Fixed bug where Hull did not take damage Fixed bug where beating the bossfight wouldn’t unlock neighboring systems Fixed upgrade slots display in captain select screen Fixed bug where no drone parts were available in the tutorial Improvements Added support for Metal graphics API for Mac Added bossfight navigation arrow Added tooltips for drone launch window Improved End of Galaxy UI Added threat decrease visualization Made torches detectable by temperature probes Adjusted spawn rates for missions, planet themes and planet events Happy testing! Cheers, Stray Fawn Studio Here is how you can get the preview build on steam: – Open your Steam library– Right click on Nimbatus in the Steam library– Select Properties / Beta– Select preview from the drop down – Restart steam in case the game does not update automatically or you can't see the preview branch
  15. Please do the steps in this thread and check if it helps. Also update the nvidia drivers (But I guess you have done that already )
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