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  1. Hey crew, We just released the update 0.5.9 for Nimbatus. We have read through alot of feedback since the release and addressed some of the problems with this patch. Thank you very much for reporting bugs and posting feedback! New Features: Added 2 new jungle missions (you will have the choice to reset the map or continue with the previous one) Added a popup to draw attention to our tutorial (can be skipped) Added zoom using the mousewheel to the test area and the planets Added new Delay gate Added speed setting for motorized hinges Added full and empty events to resource tanks Added a setting for the start state of the factory part (Printed / Not Printed) Reworks: If the loading of a savegame does not work, we now show the error on screen instead of automatically resetting the progress. If you encounter any errors, please post us a screenshot, restart the game and try again. Changed the galaxy map, so you will encounter lava planets earlier. Bugfixes: Fixed that Camera Trackers still were displayed on the minimap after being destroyed Fixed that Sumo drones were not correctly added to the opponent pool anymore Fixed that Batteries or Fuel Tanks still provided energy after being decoupled. Fixed that Resource tanks could not be filled-up after being printed by a factory part. Fixed Issue where Impulse Givers were always on after destroyed Fixed false positives on distance sensor while detecting own drone parts Fixed that decoupled parts get destroyed if the previous parent of the decoupler was destroyed Balancing: Increased the difficulty of Sumo Tournament opponents by increasing the number of required wins to be added. Lowered the difficulty of the Bio Barrell mission by improving the spawn rate and decreasing the amount of deadly cannons. The new start state setting of the factory part was the most upvoted suggestion in our forum, this is why we have added it to the game! Please keep upvoting ideas for new droneparts and features! The difficulty of the planetary missions was not really well balanced, it was too hard for beginners and too easy for advanced players. The starting galaxy should now be a bit easier. We will improve this in the future to make it more challenging and fun to play We will now start working on our first big update which will be all about Drone Racing. More information will follow soon! Cheers, Stray Fawn Studio
  2. Micha

    What is the worst/funniest injury you have ever gotten?

    I went skiing and managed to get hit by a stationary metal rod right between my legs. It was very painful and I was hospitalized because I could not sit or walk anymore for a few days. Luckily no lasting damage was done
  3. Micha

    A dev question about logic

    Yeah I need some pictures It's hard to understand it otherwise
  4. Micha

    A dev question about logic

    A wireless part that does not split but gets the signals from the dronebrain would have to combine the signals from it's parent hub (which might be a splitter or another wireless part) and the drone brain which has information about the manually pressed keys. Or am I not seeing something?
  5. Micha

    A dev question about logic

    The drone brain, logic splitters and connectors have a "hub" which contains a list of active signals. The splitters and drone brain have a seperate hub, but the connectors just foward queries to the drone brain. Each dronepart has a reference to it's parent hub, which is found by traversing the hierarchy upwards starting from the dronepart itself. This reference is then used to ask if a signal is active or not.
  6. Micha

    Development WIP

    We will use this thread to post fresh screenshots, videos and gifs of the new features and things we are currently working on. Here a sneak peak of the new call I'm working on. It can be used while you are on top of a treestump and it has a chance to attract wild animals! The lower your population, the higher the chance
  7. Micha

    Development WIP

    Working on a better training mode for the sumo tournament, where you can train against some of the best drones individually.
  8. Micha

    Early Access Roadmap

    Dear crew, Here is a short overview on what we are working on and what new features and improvements you can expect in the future: Next Update: Drone Racing Our next big update will be all about drone racing! We want to add drone vs. drone racing for fully autonomous drones and also races against the clock with multiple tracks and leaderboards. This is a big update which requires time to develop. As soon as we have something to test, we will open up a preview branch so you can help us find bugs and give us early feedback before the update goes live. Planned Features and Improvements There are some features we already promised during our Kickstarter campaign and things we'd like to improve. Those will be added at some point during the Early Access: Drone vs. drone combat arena Terrain rovers (wheels, ...) Environmental events & weather Ice planets Bossfights Improved progression for single player campaign Sandbox planets with lots of settings We also want to conduct some experiments on how to improve the physics stability for our drones. This could be in form of adding the possibility to interconnect parts with struts or adding other internal stability improvements. Suggest and vote for new features In addition to the features we have already planned, we give our best to listen to your feedback and include suggested features or improvements in every update! Here is how you can participate: Visit our Forum and go through all the drone part and feature suggestions to upvote the ones that you want to see in the game! Post your own suggestions and ideas, so other players can upvote them We look through all suggestions and decide which ones we are going to add for each update. The upvotes help us to see which suggestions are popular. We plan to keep Nimbatus in Early Access for at least a year. We are happy to have you on board and we are excited to keep improving Nimbatus together with you! Cheers, Stray Fawn Studio
  9. Micha

    Directional Sensor Construction Lines, Other

    Yeah good idea. Also making the directional sensor round would make alot of sense so you can rotate it in place freely.
  10. Micha

    Development WIP

    They were barely visible at a higher camera distances. So we now scale their width accordingly. May still need some tweaking.
  11. Micha

    [0.5.9] Asymmetrical magnets

    Interesting 🤔
  12. Micha

    Dev Emojis

  13. Weird 🤔 But great that you could workaround using the settings file.
  14. Micha

    Strange Tag Autofills in Sumo Arena

    Interesting🤔 I'll have a look!
  15. Micha

    Development WIP

    You have to ask @ArnoJ what the white things are, I guess waypoints. Edge detection for sure, maybe we let the altimeter or directional sensor align themselves to the middle of the track. We have not started yet with this. It was just a first test of the spline tool to make tracks and to see how narrow or wide they have to be
  16. Micha

    Inertial dampeners

    The thing I tried is to modify the mass of all parts in a post process step to make parts at the root of the hierarchy heavier than the ones at the end. This shifted the center of mass towards the drone core and completely removed the wobblyness. A sideeffect was that each drone felt very similar when flying it and the building got boring fast as you could almost not fail anymore. Also I needed to adjust the thrusters dynamically because of the mass change. I also tried adding struts at one point. But then I just started to connect each part to all the others for extra stability and this resulted in an unmanageable mess. Also the performance got worse because of all the additional joints. If we go this route it needs some limitation Having a stable core skeleton is something I have to try sometime.
  17. Micha

    Math blocks

    I like the idea to apply some conditions to the output events of sensors. But I'm not sure about the math blocks. Part of the fun also comes from being limited and have to find a creative way to work around the limitations. (At least for me)
  18. Micha

    Removing added suggestions

    We could set the default filter option to Open, so you don't see already done tasks unless you change it. Edit: Ok seems I cannot change the default filter option. But you can change it here:
  19. Thanks alot for the very detailed feedback! I'll need some time to analyze all of it. I agree that weapon upgrades and different other parts are not very well balanced yet. We will focus on a group of parts on each future update For the next update we will focus on thrusters and airresistance and make them better because it's needed for a fun racing mode. I think we will tackle the weapons and upgrade balancing in the update where we add drone vs. drone combat. Smaller changes like increasing the dmg of TnT a bit or balance a few existing upgrades is something we can do relatively quick in smaller patches between the big updates.
  20. Micha

    Procedurally generated boss fights

    There is a demo from 2016 on IndieDB that works for Mac, windows and linux (https://www.indiedb.com/games/nimbatus/downloads) But we also plan to release a bunch of even older windows demos (one with infinite landscape and even one where the game was 3D) for the full release of Nimbatus.
  21. Micha

    Procedurally generated boss fights

    Bossfights that have their own massive dungeon and use some clever mechanics is definitely on our todo list As you have researched corretly I did some internal experiments years ago where I had a boss that adapts his tactics to your drone For example if you always attack with rockets the boss will develop shields to protect himself the next time you see him. Or if you have a fast drone that always evades his attack, he will come up with a strategy to slow you down. The idea behind this was to generate an interesting boss that adapts to your playstyle over time.
  22. Micha

    Everything is gone

    Hmm not good! Did the game crash before you lost your save? Or did your pc shut down while the game was running? To modify the resources you can edit the savefile. Just open the Slot1.nSave with WinRar or 7Zip, then edit the Resources.xml and update the zip.
  23. Micha

    Large Shield

    The half-circle shield looks nice
  24. Reinstall can only solve problems when the game was downloaded incompletely or if some files are corrupted. Settings and savefiles are stored at AppData/LocalLow/Nimbatus and should not be touched by steam. (Except for cloud saves)
  25. Mhh even stranger that it works on other parts, it uses the same logic. Does it work if you make a new drone with just a buffer gate? It should not be a problem of where you got the steam key. If the game is installed it should behave the same as everybode elses.