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  1. @OmegaDeltaZero Nice snake game But the amount of logic parts needed is crazy!
  2. Micha

    creating weapon bug

    I could reproduce it! It should be fixed in the new patch However you might have to delete the previously created weapons.
  3. Dear crew We just released the update 0.4.2 for the closed alpha on Steam. This patch contains one critical bugfix. Fixes Fixed bug that newly added weapons got deleted and always changed back to the same weapon. Thanks for reporting the bugs! If you encounter any more problems please report them in Bugs Cheers, Stray Fawn Studio
  4. Micha

    biobarrel mission fail

    Ok thanks for reporting. Ill check if some setting of the barells are messed up with the new update. They should only explode when you crash them into something.
  5. Micha

    Heating suggestions

    We left the overheating / cooling of weapons out for now, because it was a bit too hard when you have to worry about burning / freezing on each planet.
  6. Some players had the problem that the virus scanner falsely identified Nimbatus as a virus and then deleted it. You could try to whitelist it on your antivirus software and try again, if thats the case.
  7. Micha

    Results of 2nd Community Voting

    Fun fact: Our studio was founded on the 28. november and the birthday of me, philo and max is also on the 28 of november πŸ˜„
  8. Micha

    creating weapon bug

    Thanks I'll try to reproduce it
  9. Dear crew We just released the update 0.4.1 for the closed alpha on Steam. This patch contains some bugfixes for the new lava update. Fixes Fixed Sumo Tournament winning sound volume Distance sensors now work properly when detecting something while the game is starting. Frozen weapons can now no longer rotate (same as cannon towers) Fixed bug where you could keep locked upgrades by pressing ESC in the weapon workshop Removed broken transmitter effect (less than 1 drone parts) Hammerheads now have more health and damage your parts more if they hit you. Balance hammerhead shoal mission spawn Fixed layer issues with cannon towers Fixed the naming of Marium resource tank Fixed the freeze lava fountain mission. The goal is now to have 5 different volcanoes frozen at the same time! Lava fountains now take 30 seconds to unfreeze Fixed that the drone core had no name when starting a new save. Added configurable radius to heater and cooler parts Changed the color of one lava planet to make it more noticeable If you encounter any problems please report them in Bugs Thank you! Cheers, Stray Fawn Studio
  10. Micha

    Altitude Sensor

    The new update contains an altimeter. It's done the same way our other sensors work. However we might change the sensor system in the future to allow multiple dynamic outputs. But for now it only has two outputs, wether you are below or over the height threshold.
  11. Micha

    Patchnotes 0.4.0 Closed Alpha

    Mhh not from the game, maybe only through windows recovery or something. πŸ˜• The saves are stored at c:\users\username\appdata\locallow\nimbatus
  12. Micha

    NOT gate "always on" on planet

    @DethLazrs4Lyfe The problem was that if the distance sensor is detecting something while the game is still loading it does not fire the event unless it gets triggered again. Will be fixed in a patch later today
  13. Micha

    creating weapon bug

    Key @kev123thegamer12 thanks for reporting! I'll try to reproduce this and hopefully find a fast fix. Can you send me your savefile to support@strayfawnstudio.com or upload it here? It might help to find the bug. You can find the saves here: Windows: C:\Users\[Username]\AppData\LocalLow\Nimbatus\Nimbatus\Saves Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/unity.Nimbatus.Nimbatus/Saves Linux: ~/.config/unity3d/Nimbatus/Nimbatus/Saves Cheers, Micha
  14. Micha

    Patchnotes 0.4.0 Closed Alpha

    No, tech and drone stay
  15. Micha

    Patchnotes 0.4.0 Closed Alpha

    Sidenote: Due to some compatibility issues with the new planets, we had to reset the progress for the missions. Also if you start a new game the map will have a different seed and will look different compared to loading a previous savefile.
  16. Micha

    Other customization

    What do you mean by elemental effects? Can you explain it a bit further?
  17. Micha

    NOT gate "always on" on planet

    Mhh strange, can you upload the drone file so we can test it out?
  18. Micha


    Cool idea, I like it
  19. Micha

    glitch with test flights and planets

    Did this happen once, or does it always look like that? πŸ˜… First I'd suggest to update your graphic card drivers. Seems like errors in the fullscreen shaders. If that did not help, try to disable bloom and see if that works.
  20. Hey thanks for posting our discussion to the forum, so we can discuss it together I think it's a great idea to have a score for the sumo or other arenas that reflects how good the drones are compared to others instead of just the number of wins like we have it now. The leader board is currently hidden because the scores look pretty boring, all top 10 players have 10 points. Also having different leagues for different types of drones (weight-classes or allowing just some part types) and different skill level is an interesting idea! Would be great to hear what other alpha testers think about a tournament system for sumo or drone battles! We currently work hard on the next update coming next week, so we'll discuss it as soon as we start working on improvements on the sumo tournament.. @Markus also had some ideas using leader boards for daily challenges.
  21. Micha

    Flip-flop/Memory (Also NOR gates)

    A simple untacted flipflop seems easy to add and might be a good idea
  22. Micha

    Transfer block

    Yeah I think we need to redesign / balance the current batteries and fuel tanks. At the moment you can just slap tons of solar panels on the drone and you are fine. Which should not work like this So this is a good starting point to discuss this more.
  23. Micha

    Multiple inputs/outputs to logic blocks

    Good simple idea on how to improve the current logic gates. πŸ‘ May test this out later on. Also combined with multiple outputs from sensors.
  24. Micha

    Turnable small thruster

    Currently it needs alot of parts to build a thruster that rotates to a specific direction. You need a (big) directional sensor, a motorized hinge and a thruster. I think having a small thruster that automatically aligns itself to a direction (same as directional sensor) could make alot of sense for smaller crafts.