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  1. Dear Drone Engineers, We just released the update 0.5.3 for the Closed Alpha of Nimbatus! We are currently doing the last bugfixes and improvements for the Early Access release in two weeks! New Features Added a Booster fueltank with large capacity Added a Supercapacitor with large capacity Fueltanks now explode and deal damage when destroyed After completing a Sumo Tournament, you now see some global statistics The game settings are now stored in an editable *.ini file. (previous settings are reset) The current planet can now be restarted if you drone explodes Added different loading screen tips Added new music for the different planets and sumo tournament Reworks: Added Animations for the start screen Balanced recharge rate and capacity of fueltanks and batteries Replaced the SolarPanel with a Large Battery Energy shields now need to recharge after some hits Added more settings for the dynamic thruster to make it better usable The dynamic thruster now starts with active thrust Added new Icons for the Worldmap Increased the spawnrate of blue minerals on lava planets Bugfixes: Fixed the Image Color when uploading a drone to the Steam Workshop. (You need to reupload your drones to fix it) Fixed some spelling Issues Fixed that the playtime was not synced correctly using Steam Cloud Fixed Steam Workshop browser paging buttons Thanks for testing, keep it up! Cheers, Stray Fawn Studio
  2. Micha

    Factory Logic Bug

    I can't reproduce the issue, can you please upload your drone file? @OsoMoore
  3. Micha

    Factory Logic Bug

    The logic is wireless, so the second part is correct. If you don't use logic seperators a button on the decoupled part can activate something on the main shop. However the cooler on the decoupled part should also be active.
  4. Micha

    0.5.2 'time played' incorrect on another PC

    The cloudsaves should now sync everything correctly
  5. Micha

    Development WIP

    Ok something went wrong
  6. Micha

    Unable to back out of galaxy menu, losing game progress

    Could not reproduce it with the savefile. If it happens again, please directly collect the logfile after pressing the back button on the galaxy map, while the game is still running. Maybe we can catch the error then.
  7. Micha

    Drone plagiarism?

    Newly downloaded drones can now not be used in tournaments anymore.
  8. Dear Drone Engineers, We just released the update 0.5.2 for the Closed Alpha of Nimbatus! Here are the patch notes: New Features Added Sort modes to Steam Workshop Browser (Newest, Trending, etc) Drones uploaded to the Steam Workshop can now be updated ingame Added Button to switch overlap detection on / off New Startscreen New Travel Animations New Client Icons Reworks: Snakes now move towards the broken eggs instead of the drone brain Made the landscape of the mushroom planet easier diggable Overlap detection now only works with less than 100 droneparts Downloaded drones can no longer be used inside tournaments You can now see the number of downloads of a drone inside the workshop Bugfixes: Fixed broken camera tracker part that was always active Fixed hammerhead spawn on fractured lava planets Fixed image download bug in steam workshop Fixrounding of float values in editor (Speedsensor) Thanks for testing, keep it up! Please continue to share your thoughts and feedback in our forum and report all bugs you encounter. Cheers, Stray Fawn Studio
  9. Micha

    2 gud

    2 gud 4 me
  10. Micha

    Unable to back out of galaxy menu, losing game progress

    yes the savefile would be great too!
  11. Micha

    Unable to back out of galaxy menu, losing game progress

    It's a hidden folder, try to tick the box somewhere to view hidden files and folders. Otherwise if you enter %appdata% into the explorer bar, press enter then move one folder upwards it should be there.
  12. Micha

    On Destructive Disconnect, Camera Perm. On

    Will be fixed with the next update
  13. Micha

    Speed sensor resets value

    Ok found the problem, will be fixed in the next update
  14. Micha

    Speed sensor resets value

    Other players also reported problems with decimal inputs. I'll analyze it.
  15. Micha

    Unable to back out of galaxy menu, losing game progress

    Thanks for reporting! Can you please upload the logfiles? You can find them here: Windows: C:\Users\[Username]\AppData\LocalLow\Nimbatus\Nimbatus Mac: ~/Library/Logs/Unity/Player.log Linux: ~/.config/unity3d/Nimbatus/Nimbatus/Player.log Cheers, Micha
  16. Micha

    On Destructive Disconnect, Camera Perm. On

    Thanks for reporting! I'll check it out.
  17. Micha

    Long Winter

    @gwenckatz I just tested it again. I downloaded the Slot0.nichesave from your previous post and it's a save with the name Archipelago and it's not on a winter island. The other savefile from @Classy was on a winter island and the snow melted when I ended the day. Can you check again and send me the right savefile? Otherwise you can also send me the logfiles, so we can analyze it and see if any errors happen. Cheers, Micha
  18. Micha

    biobarrel mission fail

    This was fixed in todays udpate, the barrells should now not explode that fast.
  19. Micha

    Hammerhead Shoal don't aggro for detached drones

    This should be fixed now
  20. Micha

    Part Placers

    We now have a factory part that can replicate and decouple the parts that are originally attached to it
  21. Micha

    Little lack of logic gates (xpost)

    NOR, XNOR, Buffer and On/Off Switch is now in the game
  22. Micha

    Flip-flop/Memory (Also NOR gates)

    We've added an On/Off Switch that is basically a simple flipflop but with only one output. XNor is now also added to the game.
  23. Micha

    Fuel and Energy Sensors

    Fuel tanks and batteries now have events when they are full or empty.
  24. Micha

    Fuel and Energy Sensors

    Having a sensor that triggers when the fuel or energy is low or at a certain percentage might be useful.
  25. Micha

    Snake Egg mission feels too easy

    The snake will now react aggressivly if you destroy her eggs.