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  1. Tyler nodded. "It looks like it. Does this mean there might be two killers out there? If so, we need to be extra cautious."
  2. Tyler took a deep breath and started examining Astraion's body. "There are some deep scratch marks all over the body. They look to be about the size of a hand, but these are definitely animalistic claw marks. It also looks like our killer took some... chunks... out of the body. However, it looks like what truly killed them is this stab mark right here." Tyler pointed to a puncture wound. He breathed shakily and moved towards Jack's body. "This body has the same puncture wounds from the last murder, but they look... different." Tyler looked closer and saw that the puncture wounds looked messier and less organized. "It looks like whatever was used to make these puncture wounds was different from the one used to kill the kid. These are messier and less organized, almost as if what was used to cause these was dull."
  3. Tyler nodded and took a deep breath. He walked towards the two bodies. Relax Tyler, if you panic, then we won't figure anything out and more people will die. He started by examining the fawn first. (Green what do the bodies look like)
  4. "Whoa whoa whoa, okay, I agree that whoever did this needs to be punished and killed, but we can't start turning against each other. The last thing we need is division among the group. We're all in this together, and if we start suspecting each other blindly it will just be easier for whatever is causing this to kill us. We need a plan before we make any rash decisions." Tyler said.
  6. Tyler shot up from the ground, dirt stuck to his face and leaves in his hair. He looked around at Whitetail and then at Reese, and his eyes widened as the smell of blood filled his nostrils. "Oh no. Not again." He rushed towards the two of them, and was shocked to see not one, but two bodies. "What happened!" He exclaimed. "I-why are there two dead bodies! How-" He rubbed his temples in distraught. He looked at the bodies, and then at Reese and Whitetail, taking a deep breath to calm himself.
  7. "Was this your plan? To sink my ship and destroy my navy and your friends all at the same time?" Kamado asked. "Well not exactly. That magic golden stuff did help with the whole sinking-your-ship thing. But in reality I was just thinking of escaping with my friends while we still had the chance. So... bye." Iris began to run out the gap in the hull but Kamado grabbed his wrist.
  8. (Everyone is still on the ship and its sinking. They're trying to figure out how to get off without being captured by kamado)
  9. (It's mainly me and green doing a flashback rn but blozz is also active. lockwood is somewhere because tornado is dead again :[ The flashback is over now so i'll bump my iris post)
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