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  1. Iris nodded and walked towards Cedar and Otto. "We're going with you. To Kamado's ship." Otto's eyes were wide with surprise. "Uh, doesn't he want to kill you though?"
  2. Kamado raised an eyebrow. "Ok. Anyways, welcome to my humble abode on the sea." he gestured for Vivus to go inside the ship.
  3. “Well, they’re made of some of the strongest metals on this earth, but o suppose they could still sink. If that happens, we have emergency procedures that guarantee everyone is safe. What do you mean you can’t die?” Kamado asked.
  4. “That’s a really good idea. If we sneak onto the ships, we can spy on Kamado and gather intel. But we have to make sure we don’t get caught.” Iris smiled as he read the last line. “Aww thanks. Me too.”
  5. “I know that. And it appears that he’s fond of Cedar and Otto too. But what about me? I’m not going to drop everything and join him.” Iris said. “I’m just scared.”
  6. “They are military ships.” Kamado said. He led Vivus to a bridge leading into the largest of the 3 ships.
  7. Otto shrugged, and realized he was still holding Cedar’s hand. He dropped it with a slight blush.
  8. “What are they talking about?” Otto whispered to Cedar.
  9. Kamado released Vivus from the hug and gestures to one of the huge military ships in front of him. “Here we are.”
  10. Iris shrugged. “I don’t want to take that chance though.”
  11. "I want to go to try and support Cedar for once, but I think I'm on Kamado's most wanted list, so if he sees me won't he try to kill me or something?" Iris whispered so only Lockwood could hear.
  12. “I don’t know.” Iris whispered back. “Doesn’t Kamado want to kill us or something?”
  13. Iris passed Lockwood the sketchbook. “What’s up?”
  14. “So you’re going back to Kamado…” Iris whispered.
  15. Iris twiddled his thumbs like he usually did when he was nervous. Otto adjusted some pins on his jacket, which looked very formal and important.
  16. “Sorry. This probably isn’t ‘proper etiquette’ or something, but you just seemed really sad and I didn’t know how else to try and comfort you than to hug you.” Kamado admitted.
  17. Otto glanced and realized he was still dressed in his fire kingdom guard uniform.
  18. Kamado didn’t care if he hadn’t hugged someone in ages or if it wasn’t proper. He pulled Vivus into a hug.
  19. Iris pulled away and turned to Otto. “That probably wasn’t a good way to greet your new friend Otto. Sorry about that, my name’s Iris.” Otto didn’t know why he get jealous that someone else was hugging Cedar. Shut up brain. Your straight. Cedar’s just your best friend that has other friends too. Calm down.
  20. “Don’t feel the need to mask your emotions around me. It’s clear we’re both a mess. I won’t judge you.” Kamado said.
  21. (DISCLUDED I MEAN DISCLUDED. CURSE MY PHONES AUTOCORRECT) ”it’s ok. I’m sorry I lashed out.” Iris pulled Cedar into a hug.
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