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  1. So yeah… I’m a guy now. Nice. I guess the major thing that should have made me think I was trans was the fact that I wished I was born a guy… but yeah! I’m still Star, but I’m a guy.
  2. Otto smiled. He was sad to see Cedar leave, but he knew that he would come back.
  3. Epic gamers I have made a discovery while at camp. I’m a man. I’m a trans man. Thank you for coming to my Ted talk
  4. “Although normal lives are probably impossible. I mean, Kamado really wants to kill us for some reason.”
  5. (Yeah I have my phone for a half an hour each day… so I’m alive for like 5 minutes and then die again.)
  6. Ok so I’m at a sleep away summer camp right now so I’m going to be pretty inactive for the next 4 weeks. I get my phone for 30 minutes each night but that’s it. I’ll take to you all then, and I’m home on the weekends, but for now I’m not going to be on a lot. See you all a little bit each day until I get home! I also can’t answer discord right now until I get home.
  7. "How am I going to die? Last time I checked your possessor isn't the god of death, and you are an air elementalist. What are you going to do? Knock me over with a gust of wind?" Kamado chuckled. The lion still pinned Vivus down.
  8. Iris rubbed his temples and sighed. "I have no clue to be honest."
  9. "Just go see them. Now! I can cover for you! Besides, Kamado isn't even here, so I doubt anyone else besides your trainer is looking for you. If something happens, I'll think of an excuse. Now go. Something tells me your friends want to see you." Otto urged.
  10. Iris chuckled. "I hope I'm not a hundred years old either."
  11. "I can cover for you! I think we're leaving the island tonight. I heard that Kamado found your friends in the water kingdom! If you head there, you can see them. We have to stop and pick Kamado up anyways so you can sneak back onboard then! It's perfect!" Otto said.
  12. Kamado chuckled. "So they are together then. Well then, Vivus. I hate to break it to you, but they could care less about you." Kamado's words were smooth and convincing.
  13. Iris chuckled. "I don't think so. I mean, I look and act 17. Is that good enough?"
  14. "The information regarding their location doesn't have to be the only information that satisfies me. You look heartbroken. Tell me, did you like either my grandson or that other elementalist kid. What was his name? Ireene? Isis?"
  15. Iris inhaled sharply. "According to Fotia, my dad is a god. The god of death... and... yeah. Apparently when I was really little Fotia kidnapped me and made it so she could possess me to prevent me from getting hurt or hurting others."
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