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  1. "I know who my parents are... and... its not something that I think you're going to take easily."
  2. "She.. she told me some things. Some things about myself."
  3. "I'll make you a deal, Vivus. Tell me where Iris is hiding, and I'll let you go. Or you could expose my grandson too. That works."
  4. It worked. Iris kissed him back. "I- I talked to Fotia..." he said.
  5. Kamado chuckled and walked over to her. "It was a good try, but not good enough."
  6. "Who was that man? My... my father... who is he?" Iris asked. Fotia gave Iris a pitiful look. "Iris, your father... he doesn't have the best reputation around. His name is Nekros, and he's the god of death and the dead." Iris almost choked on oxygen. "What?!? But... that doesn't make any sense!" he said. "Iris, I'm assuming you already know who I am, but just in case you don't. My name is Fotia, and I'm the goddess of fire, wrath, and destruction. When I was younger, I overthrew my father and took the throne of the gods. Most of the other gods protested to this, and your father actually led a revolt. I banished him to the mortal realm, expecting him to come running back to me begging for forgiveness. Boy was I wrong. Instead, I hear news that he has a kid and a wife now! All the gods had agreed that in order to protect our power, we would never have kids. But apparently Nekros was above that rule or something. So I did the only logical thing." "You killed my mother and kidnapped me." Iris supplied. Fotia nodded, not looking the tiniest bit regretful. "There's more to me wanting to kidnap you. I didn't lie when I said that I possess you or take control to protect you. I mean, look at what happened when I didn't take control! You almost killed Kamado! I'm not a bad person Iris-" he didn't let her finish. "I want to see him. My father. It's the least you can do, after the damage you've caused." Fotia tried to protest. "Iris, that's impossible-" He didn't let her. "Fotia, according to you my entire life has been a lie. It also doesn't help that Kamado took my memories. So I have no clue what to believe or not. If you're telling the truth, let me see him." he demanded. Fotia groaned and nodded. "Fine, I guess. But it won't be immediate, he's very busy. And besides, he and I aren't exactly on great terms due to..." "You kidnapping me and killing the one person he loved?" Iris supplied. Fotia grimaced. "Well when you say it like that-" "Fotia, I want to see him within the week. Tell him I requested it. Please." Iris asked. With that he willed himself out of his mindscape and collapsed on the bed, brining a surprised Lockwood down with him.
  7. "I want the truth. Don't lie to me. I've apparently been lied to for my entire life!" Iris felt his consciousness slip into the world Fotia liked to call home. His mind. Iris lost sight of Lockwood, and Fotia materialized in front of him. She sighed, still adorning the lion skin cloak and red robes. "Well, I guess I can tell you now. Me possessing you isn't going to work for every situation. You might want to sit down for this." she snapped her fingers and two comfy chairs appeared. Iris and Fotia both took a seat. She inhaled and sighed. "I'm assuming he finally managed to show you that memory. The memory of the day I took you from your father." Iris faltered. "So that baby was me?" Fotia nodded.
  8. Kamado shrugged. "You can try. I'll just find you again." he snapped his fingers and summoned a lion made completely out of glowing fire. He nodded at the animal. "Go find her and bring her back to me." he whispered to it.
  9. Iris smiled slightly and wrapped his hands around Lockwood's waist. What do you want, kid? Fotia's voice echoed in Iris's mind.
  10. "It's ok, you did make me feel better a little bit." Iris smiled. Fotia. We need to talk. Iris called through his mind.
  11. “Oh.” Iris was a little disappointed. He was expecting Lockwood to know who he was. But then again he was a little relieved. “We’ll, I mean, you’re right. Don’t feel bad.”
  12. “Who am I? Please, tell me. I’m tired of not knowing my parents’ really are and where I really came from.” Iris buried his head in Lockwood’s shoulder. “Please.”
  13. Iris sighed. “It’s ok. I just.. thought I might have an answer to who I really am for once.”
  14. Iris shrugged. “I don’t know if it even was me.” He looked at Lockwood. “I need you to try and remember. When I was possessed by Fotia, did she mention someone named Nekros?”
  15. Iris passed Lockwood his sketchbook. “About my dream last night, I think it was a vision. Of my past. Of really little me.”
  16. Otto paused. “Hmm.” His eyes lit up. “I have an idea!”
  17. Otto thought for a moment. “Didn’t they leave you to die thought?”
  18. Iris rested his head on Lockwood’s shoulder and took a shaky breath.
  19. Iris hugged himself and a tear trickled down his cheek.
  20. "Fine. Then I guess we'll have to do this by force." Kamado chuckled.
  21. Otto nodded sincerely and sat down next to Cedar.
  22. Iris rubbed his eyes at sat up. "Morning." he yawned.
  23. Kamado sighed. "You can run, but there's nowhere you can go that's out of my reach."
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