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  1. Iris whirled around and saw Lynx watching them from behind. “Lynx!”
  2. “It’s not your fault. I don’t even know if that was a vision of the past. I mean, I never went to the Academy, let alone was taught how to control water. Don’t feel bad, I’m a little shaken up but I’m sure it was just my brain getting tired from today and giving me a bad and confusing dram of my anxieties. Don’t stress it.”
  3. TW// throw up Iris looked right at Vivus, and turned around and threw up on the sand. "Oh my god that was horrible. Vivus... I... I saw some things... some things that happened in the past. I- I saw the Fire Kingdom attack the Capitol, and what they did- it was so horrible. Not to mention there was a KID there that looked EXACTLY like young me, except they were a water elementalist. And then I saw LOCKWOOD with Emperor Kamado. Kamado was calling Lockwood his grandson. I- I can't take any more of this today. I don't know if that was a dream or a vision of the past... I just-" Iris laid down on the ground and closed his eyes.
  4. (TW//drug use as a sedative and murd3r/death.) Iris was drowning. Again. "Well great." He couldn't breathe and he was surrounded by nothing but cold darkness. He looked at his hands, and was surprised to see that his hands were translucent. "Great, I'm a hologram." He expected the glowing fire lady to show up again, but nothing happened. He just stood about staring into the void. It took him a moment to realize it, but Iris saw that slowly, the darkness was starting to take shape into a crowded village. Iris had read books about this place in school. "The Capitol." he murmured. He didn't understand why his subconsciousness was shaping the Capitol in his head, but he figured it was important and started to explore. Iris saw that everyone looked happy, merchants were selling bread and cheese to happy looking villagers, and young children in school robes, telekinetically flinging rocks at each other and blasting each other with gusts of wind. Elementalist kids? Iris thought, confused. What time period is this? Iris drifted over to what he assumed was the town square, and gasped. Floating in the sky, suspended by magic, was the famous Academy. "It's still intact? But I thought-" Iris's thoughts were interrupted by a teacher walking through him. Not even pushed him out of the way, the tall man in official looking robes walked right through Iris like he wasn't there. The man walked up to a group of kids, all of them about 10 years old, and started talking. "Ok kids, today's the day. Emperor Kamado is visiting us today, so be sure to be on your best behavior." the teacher sighed. "We'll be splitting you up into your homerooms, so everyone get with the other kids of your element. Air over here, fire over there." Iris watched as the little kids got into groups, chatting with each other excitedly. "The emperor!" and "I'm so excited!" were some of the whispers Iris heard. What am I doing here? Iris looked up at the sun. Is this your doing, magic fire lady? he thought. No reply. Iris turned back to the scene, and sighed. However, as the kids were walking away, Iris caught sight of something strange. It was him. Or at least the kid looked exactly like young Iris. The same scar on his eyebrow from when he had hit his head on a wall outside, the same freckled face, the same dark fluffy hair and tan skin. What the h- Iris was shocked, but he didn't have time to finish his thought, because the bricks disappeared from under his feet and the scene changed. Iris was standing in a what he assumed used to be a very nicely dressed hall of the Academy. However, now the hall was trashed and burned. Lifeless bodies of teachers and students littered the hall, which made Iris's eyes water. Oh no... A short, old man ran down the hall, his white hair smoking and his red robes trailing behind him. He ducked into a storage closet and came back out with a small group of students following him, including the Iris lookalike. "Where are we going, Master?" a kid in red robes asked. The old man didn't have time to reply, because 5 very tough, burly Fire Kingdom guards appeared in front of the group. "With us." a deep voiced guard said, and he and his buddies surrounded the group and led them to what Iris assumed was either a gym or training area before the Fire Kingdom had gotten there. Now, it was filled with a mix of alive and dead students and teachers. Iris watched as the kids were forced to sit in a group with the other children, all of whom looked terrified for their lives. One official looking guard walked to the front of the group. Many of the younger kids started crying. "Hello children." the guard said. No one replied. "We have been sent here on an important mission by Emperor Kamado. To eradicate all elementalists that are not allies of the Fire Kingdom and do not align with its ideas. And since you have all been being taught by enemies of the Emperor, you are all accused of treason and must all have your powers removed, with death being an end result if you resist." If any kids weren't crying before, they were certainly crying now. Iris wanted to punch the guard. The guard signaled to a group of people in lab coats against the wall, who brough over carts that had many pills on them. They began forcing the kids to take and swallow the pills, all of whom passed out immediately after. Oh no... oh no oh no... Iris thought. He shuffled through the rows of kids until he found who he was looking for. The young Iris lookalike. He wasn't crying, surprising, but he looked on the verge of tears. The boy was twiddling something between his fingers, and Iris realized the boy was using water elementalist powers to weave the water around his hands. Well, this can't be me, I'm not a water elementalist. Besides, I don't even remember attending the academy. Iris reassured himself. A guard walked over to the Iris lookalike and offered him the pill. NO! Iris screamed, but the kid closed his eyes and took the pill. Iris watched as the kid passed out, and just like before, the floor disappeared beneath him, and Iris fell through into another scene. This time, Iris had no clue where he was at first. He was standing on a balcony overlooking a beach, with a tall 30-year-old man standing next to a young boy. It took Iris a second to guess that the tall man was Kamado, and that he was somewhere in the Fire Kingdom. Iris walked forward and went to slap the emperor as much as he could while the emperor couldn't feel it, but he stopped when he started to speak. "Soon, grandson, the Fire Kingdom's views will be achieved. Our reign will go down in history as the greatest of all time, and the Fire Elementalists will be viewed as the supremacists of the elements. No one will dare question our rule." This guy has a grandson? Iris was shocked for a moment. He slowly walked towards the two, trying to see the grandson's face. (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA) Iris couldn't see the grandson's face, but the small blond ponytail caused Iris to freeze in his tracks. Oh my god, please no- Iris inched forward, only for Kamado to speak again. "I just wish you'd have chosen to study fire like the rest of your family, Lockwood. Water is the main opposer to fire." Iris almost passed out in his subconsciousness too. What did he just say? Iris stormed right through Kamado and came face-to-face with his worst nightmare. Young Lockwood was standing next to the emperor, dressed in formal royal family robes and smiling as smoke rose in the distance. "Water can be a powerful ally, Kamado." Lockwood said. Iris was filled with rage and sadness and a billion other feelings. He saw the floor disappearing below him and was expecting more answers in a next scene, but instead he saw his body laying still on the sand with Vivus frantically trying to wake him up. No! Not now! I need answers! Who was that young kid that got drugged? Why is Lockwood with the emperor! Wait! I need more answers!!! Iris didn't get more answers, and as he fell through the ground again, and he sat straight up, coughing, with a very concerned Vivus sitting next to him. Iris rubbed his forehead and grimaced. "Owww." (The amount of time this took to write isn't even funny. Iris lore though wooo!)
  5. “Thanks Vi.” Iris began to stand up, and began a little light headed. Iris rubbed his temples. “I don’t feel so-” he didn’t have time to finish his sentence. Iris’s knees buckled and the world went black.
  6. Iris shrugged. "Anything is logical. For all we know Lockwood could be Kamado's brother or son or something like that."
  7. "I do too... I just didn't want to accept it." Iris looked around at the smoky ashes of Clearwater. "But why? I mean his home was literally destroyed by the Fire Kingdom. Why would he join them?"
  8. (yeah we're by the beach near the clearwater ruins)
  9. Iris stared at the fire red sun sinking behind the water. "What are we going to do? If the emperor finds Lockwood and somehow convinces him we're the bad guys..." his voice trailed off.
  10. No you don’t I took her. I mean forcefully borrowed and never gave back.
  11. Ah thank you, finally people are realizing the validity of other people like me who’s gender is “I have no plans to purchase a new vehicle.”
  12. “He said that he cares about me. I don’t know if I can believe that anymore though.” Iris sighed. “It seems like you’re the only person who still cares about me. I’m sure Lynx and Cedar do too, but you seem to care the most.”
  13. (uh Lockwood is the grandson of the Emperor. He got mad at Iris (I think?) and ran away back to the Fire Kingdom. Iris got upsetty spaghetti about Lockwood running away and went after him. Lockwood heartlessly leaves Iris to drown, to which a magical fire lady shows up and did something to Iris that I will reveal in lore later. Iris blacks out and next thing he knows he almost turned Lockwood into a barbecue. Iris explains why he and Vivus were hugging. Lockwood still runs away. Iris gets upset, cries, Vivus dies but comes back to life, explaining that she just can't die. Iris breaks down and feels horrible and thinks that Lockwood running away was his fault. Lockwood gets 2 pet tigers, and Moeruhime ran away to the fire kingdom and is probably doing something illegal)
  14. “I just… don’t want to accidentally hurt someone. And Lockwood… it’s complicated. All I know is that there’s some other force in play here, something that has been affecting Lockwood for a while. I mean, or else he takes hugging really seriously.”
  15. "Yeah, but I can't help but feel like part of it was my fault." Iris sobbed. "I really care about him, but whenever I tried to talk to him or explain myself he just ran away. Vivus... I... something happened." Iris looked at his hands. "I can't explain what happened, but I blacked out and the next thing I know Lockwood is almost torched. Something's wrong with my head, and when I got angry I lost it and almost killed him. No wonder he ran away. The look in his eyes, he was genuinely scared of me. I felt like a monster. I- I felt horrible. And when I tried to explain, he just left after. I let him, but I didn't expect him to leave immediately." (also probably going to go to bed so I'll respond to the next part in the morning.)
  16. Iris looked out over the water. "He was... distracted by something. Something was definitely bothering him. Something other than just us hugging. Something that's been troubling him for a while. He just finally broke. It's probably my fault, I should have just let him go." Iris sighed. (Poor anxiety boy feeling responsible for everything :[ ))
  17. "I..." Iris's lip trembled and he just broke. "I lost him... he's gone... I don't know what happened but..." He started sobbing. "He left me to drown Vi... without a second thought... and even after I explained that I was hugging you because I was comforting you and that was it, he still left without a second thought." Iris looked at Vivus. "He said something about Kamado... I think he went to the Fire Kingdom..."
  18. (Iris's is Amnesia Was Her Name (I'll reveal why later in lore or in a pm if you're impatient like I am lol))
  19. Iris looked at the weeds starting to sprout up from the burned grass. "That's horrible, you didn't do anything to deserve that." Iris twiddled his thumbs nervously.
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