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  1. (I didn't see it. Whoops. I'll respond to it now.)
  2. Iris smiled slightly and sighed. He closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep.
  3. Iris chuckled and laid down again. He didn't fall asleep though. His thoughts were racing. That can't have been me. I wasn't alive back in the Ancient Times! Besides, there has to have been multiple kids named Iris that Fotia has possessed... Iris tried to convince himself, but it wasn't working. Something deep down told him that the baby in his vision was him.
  4. "You can go to sleep if you want." Iris said. "We can talk about this in the morning."
  5. Iris rested his head on Lockwood's shoulder. "I had a dream. Vision? I don't know... but... I saw some things, some things that I need explained soon."
  6. Iris sighed and frowned, a tear trickling down his cheek.
  7. Iris reached over and grabbed his sketchbook and handed it to Lockwood. "Lockwood, when we were fighting each other and we were all possessed, did... did Fotia say anything to you that you might remember? Anything at all?"
  9. Iris ran his fingers through his hair nervously. He didn't say anything.
  10. “Ah! (Insert teacher name)! My supplier! Not of drugs though.” ”you sure?” ”no” - A conversation between me and Green
  11. Iris watched with tears in his eyes. Poor kid. he thought. Fotia snapped her fingers, and the baby went flying out of Nekros's hands and into hers. The baby began crying. Iris wanted to give the poor man back his kid, but he couldn't do anything. Nekros tried to fling himself against Fotia, but she snapped her fingers and the same infamous fire ropes restrained him. "The seven ribbons of Hathor. Good luck getting out of those anytime soon." Fotia smiled. Nekros glared at her. "What are you going to do to him." Fotia chuckled. "I won't kill him. Sending him to your domain is too nice of me." she waved her hand and glowing orange light erupted from the baby's eyes. Nekros fought against the binds with no luck. "What are you doing?" Fotia laughed evilly. "Since you broke the oath, I've decided you need more supervision. Not only am I banning you from seeing your son, but I'll also be watching both of you. Very closely." Nekros lowered his head. "So be it. But I'll see him again, just you wait." With that the ribbons around him dissolved and he disappeared in a flash of gray and black. Fotia cradled the child. "You have no idea how much trouble you can cause. So, I'm installing a fail-safe. If you lose control of your emotions, I get to take over. You'll thank me when you're older." The child gurgled. Iris couldn't hold back the tears. He had just watched a man's child get taken by the woman that had possessed him on multiple occasions. Fotia sighed. "I guess I can at least let you keep your name. Welcome to your new life, Iris. One where I'm in charge." Iris felt the floor fall out from beneath him, and he sat up in the bed with a jolt, gasping for air.
  12. Iris walked closer to Fotia and the figure. Iris noticed that the cloaked figure was a man who was holding an infant. Fotia stepped closer to the man. "Give me the child, Nekros." she demanded. The cloaked figure held the infant closer to him. "Never." he hissed. Fotia sighed. "Nekros, you broke the oath. We all vowed never to have children so we could prevent issues like this!" she exclaimed. "You know the consequences! Give me the child so this can all be resolved!" Nekros shook his head. "Why should I? You killed our father and took his throne for yourself and that's completely fine by everyone's standards, but I fall in love with someone and have a kid, and suddenly I'm the bad guy!? Explain this logic to me, please!" Fotia sighed. "Have you forgotten that you're the god of death? Your son is a demigod, which means he will be a mortal with the powers to control life and death! The dangers of him accidentally harming someone are too great!" Nekros clutched the baby closer. "I won't let you take him. You already killed her, can't I have my son?" Fotia shook her head. "I'm sorry brother, but this is how it must be."
  13. "Most elementalists aren't a threat to my power. That's why I let them work under me with no fear. If they try to revolt, they will fail. But that leads me to your group. A few of you are different. My grandson Lockwood and you are both hosts for the gods. Your inner spirit? That's a lie I told Lockwood so he would stop pestering me. The gods are able to influence your thoughts and provide you with superhuman power. That's why I need to capture you. So, you can do one of two things. You can either come with me willingly, or I have to take you by force."
  14. Iris’s dreams weren’t as peaceful as he appeared. He was standing in Clearwater. Except it wasn’t Clearwater. All the buildings were old and Roman-looking, and the pillars and houses were wrecked and burned. Iris noticed that the entire city was on fire. In the middle of the wreckage stood two figures. A woman, who Iris recognized as Fotia, was in her Not-Iris form. Her eyes were a brilliant orange and her veins were glowing. She was hovering a few feet off the ground. Iris then noticed a man standing in front of Fotia. He was standing on the ground, shrouded in a black cloak. The ground around him was dead and gray, just like what Iris had done to the grass earlier that day. (this is going to be done in sections because I’m going to a school dance)
  15. “You and your friends are the real only threat to my power. Getting rid of you secures my position as a ruler.” Kamado said.
  16. I’m the same height and I’m 13
  17. “Ah, that’s where you’re wrong. I didn’t send Lockwood to kill you. That was a last resort which clearly failed. I just wanted you captured.” (I gtg for now. Sorry! See you later)
  18. Iris climbed onto the far left side and fell asleep instantly.
  19. Kamado sighed. “Did you really leave them? Or was their relationship beginning to make you feel like a third wheel? Did you leave because you wanted to? Or because you felt pressured to?”
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