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  1. “Ah, they left you, didn’t they?” Kamado guessed.
  2. Iris walked into the room. Sure enough, there was nothing else but a bed and a nightstand in the room. There was a little floor space but other than that nothing. Iris took off his satchel and hung it on the hook on the back of the door. “You can have the bed.” He offered. “I can sleep on the floor.”
  3. Kamado flicked his wrist and a line of fire snaked around Vivus, trapping her and Breeze. Kamado chuckled. “Little girl, it’s not safe to be out along right now. I thought you would know that.”
  4. Kamado winced as he walked around the town. His arm felt like it was slowly decaying, even though he was sure his arm was there and wasn’t turning into ash anymore. “Get yourself together Kamado.” He muttered to himself. He was walking down the street when he saw Vivus running down an alleyway. Kamado smirked. Maybe today wasn’t a total loss after all. He thought to himself.
  5. (Ok!) Iris entered the inn and wasn’t surprised to find it empty. He grabbed a key from behind the front desk. “Room number 22. Second floor.” Iris said. He climbed the stairs to their room.
  6. “That’s fair. C’mon.” Iris stood up and helped Lockwood stand up too. “I think there was an inn on the outskirts of town. It should be empty due to the whole mob thing…” Iris trailed off.
  7. Iris nodded sadly. He tried to drop the fear of him accidentally disintegrating one of his friends, but that nightmare was still echoing in the back of his mind. “Where do you want to sleep?” He asked.
  8. “But if I accidentally do that, I’ll never forgive myself!” Iris exclaimed. He held Lockwood tighter. “I don’t want to loose you again.”
  9. Iris’s face turned pink from embarrassment at the mention of Lynx. I guess my boyfriend sharing his body with another person is going to get a little weird sometimes… “But… but what if you cant stop it? What if I accidentally hurt you and your body turns to ash? Your spirit cant come back.”
  10. (MY PRECIOUS GAY CHILDREN.) “Lockwood… and Lynx too I guess… what if I end up hurting you like I did with Kamado?” Iris passed Lockwood his sketchbook so he could reply.
  11. “Vivus! Wait!” Iris called. But she was already gone. (meanwhile, drama king Kamado senses tension brewing and makes it his mission to cause trouble /j by which I mean recruiting Vivus by force.)
  12. Iris grabbed Lockwood around the waist and rested his head on Lockwood’s shoulder. “I- I don’t want to accidentally hurt anyone else by doing that.” He sniffled. (I LOVE IRIS AND LOCKWOOD SO MUCH AAAAAA MY HEART.)
  13. “Hey, don’t worry, it’s not your fault.” Iris squeezed Lockwood’s hand tighter. “But… how I tried to kill him… it wasn’t like any magic I had ever used before. Whatever I touched turned to ash.” Iris pointed to the sections of gray grass around them. “And Kamado’s arm is now a gray ash material instead of skin. I don’t know what I did…”
  14. Iris kissed Lockwood’s cheek. “You know, I lost it when you died. I almost killed Kamado…” he sighed.
  15. (OK OK) Iris reached out and squeezed Lockwood’s hand.
  16. "We can just sit down if you want." Iris sat down and stared at the sky. There were dark clouds moving in.
  17. Iris helped Lockwood stand up. "You're a klutz." he chuckled.
  18. Iris fell down too and started laughing. "Are you ok?"
  19. "Lockwood!" Iris didn't hesitate and kissed Lockwood. Iris pulled him into a hug.
  20. "LYNX!!!" Iris cried. "It's so good to see you again!" I am so glad I did not walk over here and just kiss Lockwood... Iris thought.
  21. Iris ran over and hugged Lockwood. "Are you back? Am I talking to Lockwood or Lynx right now? Or both of you?"
  22. Iris pointed at Lockwood's body lying motionless. "Does this body work?"
  23. "Lynx, what happened? Why are you and Lockwood here? Didn't you both die?"
  24. Name: Faustus God: Xeronia Gender: Male Age: 17 Sexuality: Gay Appearance: Pale skin and wavy black hair. Thin but muscular. Usually dresses in sweat pants and a t-shirt with converse. Always has a hoodie tied around his waist.
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