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  1. Iris looked back and saw Vivus just standing there, watching. He continued running as the mob was getting closer.
  2. Iris chuckled and continued running. (I have to go to horseback riding right now. I’ll be back around 12.)
  3. “Ok, ok.” Iris began to run, quickly leaving the mob in the dust. “You’re so clingy.” Iris said.
  4. I was in school and Green told me about SFS (the Minecraft realm). I wanted to join, and Green emailed me the link to the forums to ask to join. I created an account, and this is where I ended up.
  5. (Wow. It took over 3 hours to post it all I think.)
  6. (I think all the guardians do (or should) care for their hosts at least a little bit. Otherwise why would they have chosen to have them be their hosts in the first place.)
  7. “I think we should run now.” Iris suggested as the mob got closer. They carried the usual mob fashion of pitchforks and torches.
  8. “That’s fair. I still have no clue why Fotia insists on ‘protecting me’ and whatnot. I mean, what do i need protection from? That mob of angry villagers?” Iris’s eyes widened at the sentence he just said. “Key, I think there’s a mob after us.” (I BROUGHT BACK THE NICKNAME. Also Iris has no clue what I have planned for him mwahahahahaha)
  9. “Well, start with something. What are you confused about the most?”
  10. “About what? What don’t you know what to do? Please talk to me.”
  11. Iris passed Lockwood his sketchbook and a pencil.
  12. Iris hugged him tighter. “It’s ok, it’s ok, I’m here.”
  13. Iris pulled him into a hug. “What’s wrong?” (They totally forgot about god mode Vivus just floating above them.)
  14. “Oh, hi. You seem less mad now. Are you ok? I know getting possessed is a little overwhelming.”
  15. Not-Iris groaned. “I HATE when he does this.” He floated back towards the ground. Iris’s eyes and skin returned to normal. Iris turned around. “HOLD ON. FOTIA! WHAT WERE YOU SAYING ABOUT MY FATHER? GET BACK HERE!” No reply. Iris groaned.
  16. “Sorry, could you tell Fotos to get back here?”
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