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  1. Name: Tyler Age: 17 God: Ora Sexuality: Gay Gender/Pronouns: He/Him Appearance: Fluffy brown hair, light brown skin, gold eyes. Has a small scar above his lip. Usually wears a tight black tank top with a cropped sweatshirt with black cargo pants and a belt used to hold his knives. Always wears Converse Other notes: Was an assassin before receiving his gift and doesn't have a particularly good tab with the presidents of Heaven. Has deadly accuracy with throwing knives and hand-to-hand combat. Very stealthy.
  2. Ok then Fern I’m not your pet
  4. this is either theos my bestie or fern im not your pet
  5. (Since the Elementalists is on pause until Tornado comes back, I thought I'd make another rp. May or may not be inspired by my book.) ***IMPORTANT NOTICE*** This is a roleplay that may include topics that people may find disturbing and/or may be uncomfortable by. This is your warning. Topics may include discussions of death, character death, m*rder, violence, discussions of serious mental health topics, ab*se, kidnapping, substance use, homophobia, transphobia, use of weapons, mentions of blood and injury, arson/property damage, shipping between 2 or more characters, and drug use in medical terms ONLY. If you are made uncomfortable by any of the things listed above, I highly recommend you do not participate in this roleplay and refrain from reading the plot. You have been warned! Also, if you are interested, please try to be active, as it just makes the flow of the story easier, and we don't have to cram your character into random spots. If you are interested, continue reading to learn more! Long ago, there were two worlds. The mortal world, full of humans, and the realm of the gods, called Elysium. The humans knew of the god's existence and worshipped them full heartedly, in hopes of obtaining a god's favor. Those who had obtained the favor of a god were blessed with superhuman abilities and the power to control the magic of such god. However, although the humans thought that the gods were all powerful and supreme, Elysium wasn't as peaceful as the humans thought. The queen of Elysium, Teras, goddess of monsters, was a brutal tyrant who destroyed all who disobeyed her rule. Teras's reign brough Elysium to its knees, and humans soon began to wonder what was happening with the gods as soon as people stopped being blessed with gifts, and those who had been blessed lost their power. No god dared oppose Teras and her army of demons, so the mortal and godly realms drifted apart. Millenia passed, and the human realm soon forgot about the blessings of the gods. They learned to depend on themselves instead of magic, and built a huge bustling city, called Heaven. Any thought or talk of gifts were dispelled as just myths or children's tales. However, one day, a miracle happened. Among the wasteland of Elysium, 8 gods and goddesses had gathered together in a cave. These 8 celestial beings realized that no god or goddess would be able to take down Teras. Severely weakened from the now toxic air and many years of battling demons and monsters, each god used the last of their power to bless 8 humans with the first gifts in millennia. Their hope was that these 8 humans would be able to lead the hopeless gods and goddesses and be able to take down Teras and restore Elysium. Note that each person was blessed by a different god, giving them the powers of that god. The gods and their blessings/powers are listed below. Kymata, Goddess of the Ocean: The person blessed by Kymata has hydrokinesis (manipulation over water in any of its forms). They can control water, ice, and steam. The one blessed by Kymata needs an actual source of water nearby, however, and cannot just summon it out of thin air. In addition, they also gain the inability to become dehydrated or physically fatigued. (0/1) Eliofaneia, God of the Sun: The person blessed by Eliofaneia has pyrokinesis (manipulation of fire). The one blessed by Eliofaneia can summon fire by drawing energy from the sun. They become weakened at night, but not completely powerless. In addition, they also gain superhuman agility. (0/1) Fyta, Goddess of Nature: The person blessed by Fyta has manipulation over the earth (rocks, dirt, basically anything having to do with the ground) and plants. They can manipulate the ground and rocks however they please. They can also manipulate plants, such as causing them to grow faster and lunge out at enemies (just picture plant magic from ToH). In addition, they also gain physical strength. (0/1) Anemos, God of the Wind: The person blessed by Anemos has manipulation over the sky. They can manipulate the air however they please and can control air currents. Their power is considered weak in comparison to most of the other gods, but when mastered, can be a real threat. In addition, they also gain a pair of wings that they can use to fly. (0/1) Thiria, Goddess of Animals: The person blessed by Thiria has the ability to speak with and summon animals. They can understand all animals, as well as speak with them. They can also shapeshift into any animal they have had contact with anytime in their life. In addition, they also gain a necklace with animal charms that they can break to summon that animal. (Taken) Zontanos, God of Life: The person blessed by Zontanos has the ability to heal people. They can heal almost anything that is living, whether that be a person or the grass on someone's front lawn. The greater the wound or damage, the more energy it takes to heal. With enough power or energy, the person can even revive another person or thing that was once living. In addition, they also gain a superhuman healing ability (their wounds heal faster than most people). (0/1) Ora, Goddess of Time: The person blessed by Ora has the ability to manipulate time. They can jump into the past or future for a short period of time, as well as stop time for a short period of time. However, these abilities take a huge toll on the person's body and require complete focus and a lot of energy. After using most of these abilities, the person will pass out for 6 hours. In addition, they also gain the ability to see the future. However, this ability cannot be used at will. (Taken) Choros, God of Space: The person blessed by Choros has manipulation over space. They have telekinesis (the ability to move objects with their mind) as well as the ability of astral projection (the ability to use an astral body to travel the real world in a vessel that can't be harmed). In addition, they gain superhuman hearing. (0/1) There will be one person/character per God/Goddess Character Form: Name: Age: God: Sexuality: Gender/Pronouns: Appearance: Other notes: 2/8 Spots Currently Filled! Also, a note, this is a futuristic city so both normal clothing (hoodies, jeans, sneakers) and fantasy clothing (armor, battlesuits) are considered normal attire, so you can get creative with your character's appearance.
  7. if anyone's interested in reading the book when i finish in like two years just let me know
  8. when you finally think of a book plot and your writers block is gone. today is a glorious day
  9. i checked minecraft and im not in the new realm so i'll just add my name here Star_Starless @polly
  10. alr i can! i think... i'll try to join!
  11. Oi, voice, would you be willing to traumatize some children with c!Star sometime?
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