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  1. (Yeah) Iris saw him collapsed under a tree. He sighed. “Guess I’m gonna be here for a while.” He sat down on the other side of the tree so Lockwood wouldn’t see him when he woke up. Iris dug through his satchel and pulled out a small leather bound book. Iris let out a soft chuckle. “Heh, guess my sketchbook survived.” He dug through his bag again and pulled out a pencil and flipped to the next open page, peacefully sketching while Lockwood snored.
  2. “I need to clear my head.” Iris decided. He started walking along the shoreline of the island, when he saw Lockwood by the old docks location, carrying bags. “Oh no…” Iris ran over to where Lockwood was standing. “Key! What the heck are you doing!”
  3. (Blizzard if you don’t get over here I’m gonna make Iris walk in on Lockwood. I’m impatient)
  4. Iris was still raging. He was mad at Moeruhime for ruining his chances with Lockwood. He was mad at Lockwood for being so stupid and jealous all the time. He just wanted to talk and Moeruhime had to ruin everything. He had to find Lockwood too, but he figured he’d give him some time to cool down before he went and poured his heart out to him.
  5. Omg wow. I will take good care of the ashes. Thank you Nutella Monster and Rest In Peace.
  6. “Take the L, young padawan.”
  7. He couldn’t stop the tears. “Why do you always do this!!!! You think that aggression and anger and fire is the solution to everything. Why couldn’t you have let me fight my own battles!” Iris glared at Moeruhime. “You think you’re so great and amazing ‘Oh look, I’m Moeruhime, and I’m the boss of everyone.’ Well for ONCE could you have let me just sort something out with someone with WORDS?” Iris was furious. The guy he liked probably never wanted to see him again, and Moeruhime was all responsible for it.
  8. Iris stood with tears in his eyes. He turned to Moeruhime. “Why did you do that?!?” He cried. (Also I’m alive again. Yay!)
  9. "Key wait." Iris turned and gave a look to Vivus that said I'm sorry, give me a minute. Iris grabbed Lockwood's hand.
  10. "What more proof do you need?" Iris stood up. "I already told you I liked you. Isn't that proof enough?"
  11. (YESSSS I actually have to go horseback riding for like 2 hours so I'll be dead for 2 hours but then I'm free for the rest of the day so yay. DRAMA) "Key..." Iris began. "I swear, this isn't what it looks like."
  12. Iris was in disbelief. "That... that can't be true. Lockwood would never do something like that... I'm sure of it..." He hugged Vivus back as tears started streaming down his face. (This seems like a good spot for Lockwood to walk in on so how about we leave it here for now?)
  13. "Hey, hey, listen, it was just a vision. There's nothing saying that it's going to happen soon, or if it's going to happen at all. So don't dwell on it. Plus, I already told you I'm not going to die, trust me."
  14. "Honestly, I think Lockwood just gets jealous when I hang out or show any kind of affection to other people. Look, he has to understand that I like giving people hugs. And the others, I honestly don't think Cedar is capable of hating anyone other than the Fire Nation. Moeruhime always looks annoyed, so don't take it personally, and Lynx is... a complicated person. Trust me, they all like you, they just have... unique ways of showing it."
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