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  1. i wanted to see some new features in sandbox mode if you would like to talk about a few you requested it would be greatly appreciated 💎💎💎🐱
  2. this is the weirdest thing to ever happen to me in niche i dont actually have it on cam but it goes somthing like this. when i put a nichling on a stump usually there fine but sometimes a meat eating plant is there and they start glitching off the stump when i get them out its super weird any tips?
  3. its incredibly hard to get this moment on cam but if you can manage to do it thats...great? idk since its abug but plz consider showing it to me that would be greatly appreciated :3
  4. I don't actually have this moment on camra but it happens a lot once a nichling gets pulled into a meat eating plant on a tree stump they are technically not there anymore and end up glitching off the stump when i rotate my screen its even weirder when i put my nichling on a stump and the glitch is still there they end up fused when in the right position its hilarious but really cursed ;-; also this is me editing AFTER i posted this and its the wrong game sorry for being confusing
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