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  1. this seems intruiging not that i have much of an existence ahahaha
  2. I tried this challenge a couple times before (i think i had it set to 3 days for adult instead though) and I died several times due to inbreeding before finally having a stable population lol
  3. yip bip schmip hip uip oip gip lip tip dip rip eip wip qip aip
  4. gop bop shop mop rop hop lop cop iop eop qop pop uop yop top rop sop aop kop dop vop xop zop mop nop
  5. that is. scarily close. alright folks zixvir is officially MAGIC
  6. looked at challenges, realized you could join the site
  7. i- i read fallpaw as failpaw what the heck is wrong with me lol
  8. been playing monster hunter a lot lately
  9. posting an animation meme here cuz why not could be better since it’s my second ani i’ve done so far but oh well whatever edit: this is like the first part the actual meme itself is 40 secs or smth IMG_1964.mp4
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