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  1. I go by either it/its or they/them but any is fine with me (just bumping this so ppl remember its here)
  2. hare nodded her head, her tail spikes rattled
  3. o.o Morningkit stirred and got up deciding she would rather go explore, she sneaked out of the nursery and quietly ran for the entrance of the camp
  4. morningkit purred and curled up for a nap
  5. (im still here btw) hare grumbled and stalked over to the other icewings
  6. she pushed it toward the nearest kit, "here, if your thirsty, there is some water left in it" she mewed
  7. morningkit took it and purred, she carried it to the nursery or what of it the clan had put together, when she was there she drank the water from the moss
  8. morningkit purred in greeting, then replied "i'm only 3 moons, not a warrior yet, but i'm thirsty and the rest of the water in the swamp is terrible"
  9. morningkit trotted over to the medicine cat's den, what was there name again. oh who cares morningkit thought
  10. nice art, I made a ladybug bugcat, wanna see? (btw what is it?)
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