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  1. haha- funny, the whole body so I can make a fursuit one day! stabilizer? i don't have one of those im cursed to only use chrome canvas for drawing
  2. what have i found- @Ranboo but a lot worse watch it
  3. this was made for me to post my random scribbles and stuff! you can ask me stuff too, and if you have or need tips just say something. New oc! (haven't made whole body yet)
  4. wdym, and yes I have arthritis, but, you know, psoriatic arthritis
  5. what happened to my spotify? don't ask- i can't choose what to listen like normal
  6. idk- i feel sad most of the time-
  7. no one ever remembers my birthday and i just bullied even more on that day-
  8. no- i draw all night and become even more of a furry! YOU CAN'T STOP ME!!!!
  9. Ummmmmmm, I'm practicing my drawing rn, NO TIME TO SLEEP
  10. it took me 3 mins to scroll past this
  11. NO, you fool, it means my birthday, and my birthday always means suffering for me
  12. ;-; the closer my birthday is the closer my school starts ;-;
  13. 😐 good for me? ummm you don't know what that means
  14. why dose it say, 3am challenge?
  15. ummmmm- I have 2 more weeks
  16. ✨ my tailbone is in spain without the s ✨ (darn arthritis)
  17. happy early birthday (one more day)
  18. i can play minecraft rn- (still need join code, it might work btw)
  19. welp- here is the cringe that I just made! (gacha club is the only thing i have to do videos w/) (welp-)
  20. just made something- slight curse warning (tried to fix)

    i have to put in a link for youtube-


  21. I made a video- you guys wanna watch the unedited one, or the edited one? (there curse words, F)
  22. Willow was trying to feel bad for him, this was a accident, right?
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