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  1. Willow felt sad, for once she wasn't nervous, sad and furious.
  2. I have that same base, but your oc is really cool! (i think you should name them bubble or bubbles)
  3. (bump) Willow wiggled, she personally thought that hugs were traps. (if there is a double thing of this, my house had a small blackout)
  5. i don't- my thing is just weird
  6. EnbyDaShadyPeep (mine is weird and wants a join code)
  7. i've got java minecraft now! can i play? I feel left out
  8. sad broke noises still have no money here-
  9. what have I become? (i drew something)
  10. ik, i just know some of the characters and decided to make them in gacha-
  11. I see you pepper- you too polly-
  12. hold, up, let me just type this link into my ipad
  13. "BOX SUPREMACY" -Enby 2021
  14. welp, idk why but I was bored and made some dream smp characters in gacha-
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