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  1. you can all send random tiktoks or videos here btw!
  2. welp- time to go yeet these tiktoks into a whole-
  3. I AM GOING TO SEND A BUNCH OF TIKTOKS TO YOU (please ignore the curse words, I can't take them out and you able to hear the audio)
  4. unrelated question, if all dogs do to heaven and all cops go to heck, then..... where the frick dose he go: the gulag??????
  5. could we play another game? (like among us?)
  6. ummmm, ima try to get this game I guess- (i wanna know whats happening)
  7. o-o what is happening? I was just on tiktok for awhile-
  8. I think that's easy- how the frick do you draw really good human?????
  9. I got like a ripoff FNF and I recorded some video of me playing and I am really bad at it-
  10. art tips? (I just wanna get better at art-)
  11. fave oc on the forums? (if you don't have one just give me your fave oc you made)
  12. thx-
  13. I have now made a event for my birthday (I thought it would be cool) oh- ummmm polly don't mind the image up there-
  14. :DD My birthday, sept 4th welp-
  15. just realized I can make an event- soon ima make one for my b-day.
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