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  1. If I have visited a account and left a message, it means you are blessed with a good Christmas (or whatever you celebrate) Merry Christmas!

  2. ITS MY OLD ACCOUNT ONG- still sad bc forgor pass :(

    1. BirbMonstwo


      Wait you’re the same person???

    2. The arts n crafterz

      The arts n crafterz

      Yeah, my Mother Took my Computer and I forgot my Pass Word so i had to make a new account 

    3. BirbMonstwo
  3. Ok so I know sun and moon arent my ocs- I'm just gonna put them in my style here because why not
  4. I also just finished these 2- basically their like sun and moon I guess (I've been seeing people making OCs out of the names lunar and solar so I decided to bc why not) I love the 2 skrunkly jester boys The more I look at solar the more I hate his design
  5. Completely redid this thing's design, the design is basically the only thing I changed, and the name. Don't worry I still doodle for the new ref sheet The doodles are meant to have eyes but I forgot to save the image to my phone as a transparent image
  6. Decided to draw a new persona today- idk why, I like them though. Welcome my new child to the world Couldn't get a good shot and it's dark in my room so deal with the quality
  7. I'm alive still I guess, still haven't gotten my computer back yet

    1. F00lz the person

      F00lz the person

      I'm also addicted to helluva boss,,,

  8. I'm just gonna. . . I request my child. . . But seriously if you ever want to you could draw any one of my OCs you don't need to even ask
  9. I'm also getting a sun(drop/rise) and moon(drop/rise) plushie, my mom is buying it for me next week. Yes I made sure to check the reviews, people love the plushes and they are the real thing. Edit: by real thing I mean it doesn't lie and say it's something that it's not
  10. Ah- another update, Stardrop could also be called StarDust, both names are technically correct names for the character I just can't pick lol,,, also I'm making a Stardust cosplay and I don't have any yellow bells, so I had to use only 2 green bells bc that's what I have. I will share the cosplay when it's done, it's not coming with a face reveal (I'm making a cardboard mask for it)
  11. Ok so the book has been out on hold because my mom took my computer which had all the books progress and stuff
  12. Little update about these things,,, found out sun and moon wear slippers and not boots, soooo star and milky way (I figured out how to actually spell it, I'm dumb ok?) wear slippers or whatever, I want my OCs for the daycare to be similar to the actual characters.
  13. So my brother asked me to make him an oc,,, so here's Milky way (I didn't have much to work with) Milky way is non binary (like Stardrop) but appears masculine. Milky way is like 12 feet tall (my brother made me do it, I'm sorry), he's over protective of children but hates adults. They are very talkative and zany (my brother told me to draw him in this pose, so he looks sassy and stuff), despite not having a mouth they can talk but it comes out muffled and soft. Milkly way is their own animatronic like Stardrop, but they prefer to hangout with sundrop. Milky way is also friends with eclipse. Milky Way's stars, blue swirls, buttons, and eyes glow softly in the dark, but their light level depends on what battery percentage Milky way is. That's basically all my brother told me, I didn't have many colors to work with either (I originally drew it on paper and used my watercolor markers to color it, I don't have many colors)
  14. I'm obsessed with 2 certain daycare attendants,,,,,, who's names definitely aren't sun(drop/rise) and moondrop,,,, definitely not. So I made my own daycare attendant oc stardrop! Here's some (a lot) of facts and info about them bc I have FNaF oc brainrot. Stardrop is their own animatronic, they aren't merged with a another daycare attendant like sun and moon. (Some facts about Stardrop have stuff to do with my au) Stardrop was meant to be merged with sun and moon but there was a glitch in the code and eclipse was made, the staff couldn't get rid of eclipse so they modified eclipse so that that show up when the lights are dimmed. Sun and moon have no idea of eclipse's existence, but eclipse is good friends with Stardrop. Sometimes Star (short for Stardrop) dims the lights to talk to eclipse from time to time. Although Star can appear whenever they want they prefer to appear when the lights are out or dimmed. They like to help moondrop get the kids to sleep. Star is the tallest daycare attendant, being around 10 feet (in my au sun and moon are 8 feet tall). The stars on Star's arm were from a kid who couldn't fall asleep, Star let them doodle on their arm and didn't have the heart to clean it off. Star enjoys getting gifts and drawings from the children in the daycare. Most things on Star can glow in the dark, but they aren't very bright. Their neck can stretch up to 9 feet long, they only use that feature to find kids or scare intruders, Star normally leaves their neck at about 6-10 inches long. Star has little bells and pompoms hanging from their spikes. Star's spikes are made out of a soft plush material. Star was programmed to have a 50/50 personality, for example they could be zany and very excited or moody and calm. The star on their hands are like a flashlight, it too can glow in the dark but Star can control it to make it brighter, it's also made of a soft plush material and looks like toe beans. This is all i can think of for this oc lol
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