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  1. Forgotten Legacy: Days 1-10 will be a bit delayed, as my internet tends to make emails from my computer to my phone slow, but as soon as I get them, i will update my thread!

  2. May try this out! If I do hit the challenge goal I may go further Like how long I can go before they go extinct XD
  3. I wish there was an option to manage prey numbers like rabbil, Dodomingos and fish, basically whatever number you put increases the spawn rate, with the maximum number being more often/more spawning in than normal, and 0 being rarely spawned in. I feel the maximum would be around 20-30 or more for a reasonable amount of prey animals, so imagine having 10 rabbils darting to a bush at once or rarely having dodomingos steal your nests! And it would definitely add some life for playthroughs or challenges, like if someone wants to simulate a prey shortage or overpopulation!
  4. Disregard last comment, image worked! Kalen, as shown in last comment, will be the matriarch of the Founder's tribe! She was an old favorite in a tribe I discontinued, but for her backstory for this new playthrough, she was exiled from her orginal tribe after the high ranks found her in a relationship with a rogue, which is highly forbidden in her family.
  5. I would add images when I can, but I seem to have issues with the images loading in, but I can provide physical descriptions/genes of notable tribe members!
  6. I'm starting a new playthrough with some lore behind it, and I may post some notable members! The Forgotten Legacy is basically a throwback to my tribe I had, as I may reintroduce one of my old favorite nicheling into the new one, with many more tribes to come. This post will be constantly updated, with new arrivals and any important events, including the birth of a new tribe or even a new potential favorite nicheling!
  7. Hi, I'm Lilademon! I'm new to the community, but not to Niche or Stray Fawn. I play Niche on PC and honestly? I'm obsessed with it!
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