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  1. Suggestion: instead of changing the functionality of the existing splitter block, this suggested functionality is given to a new block with its own name: the Logic Filter. Much like the original suggestion, the filter block should allow for certain configured key/tag signals to pass through to its daughter parts while blocking others like the splitter block currently does. However, with its own block, the filter can now have a whitelist mode and a blacklist mode. Obviously, in whitelist mode the filter passes through its configured channels while blocking all others by default as the splitter does, while in blacklist mode the filter passes through all signals like any normal block would while blocking only its configured channels. IMO there shouldn't be a pre-set number of channels - instead there should be a button to add new channels in the config UI so there is no arbitrary limit.
  2. +1, been seeing this one too. Playing on macOS 11.5, in case that ends up being relevant. I'm attaching a screen recording of the issue being reproduced exactly as the OP describes. Screen Recording 2021-07-27 at 6.32.41 PM.mov
  3. Isn't that just an AND gate? If input 2 is off then the output is always off, regardless of input 1. If input 2 is on, then the output is only on when input 1 is also on. Therefore, the output is on only when both inputs 1 and 2 are on. Nevermind, I think I see what you mean. Your wording regarding input 2 being off confused me. When input 2 is on, the output matches the state of input 1 as you said. However, at the moment input 2 switches to off, the output freezes in its current state, and maintains that value regardless of changes to input 1. Switching input 2 to on again unfreezes the output and allows it to match input 1 again.
  4. I'd suggest that Programmer gets the ability from the start, while other classes unlock the ability with either the tier 2 or tier 3 sensors upgrade.
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