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  1. jbox1

    Lol, now that I am a mod...

    Now that I am a mod, I want to see some action XD Mabey the fact there are two extra mods on the team, it scared off any would-be rule breakers. Mabey if the devs gave a bunch of people the “moderator” tag, but not moderation powers, you would scare away all the trolls, without ever having to actually resort to using force? Either way, all’s good. Hope everyone is having a fine day!
  2. jbox1

    My take on Nimbatus’s Lore

    @Lurkily you can read my updated version of this post here
  3. jbox1

    My take on Nimbatus’s Lore

    Isn’t that exactly what every government sustainability plan is?
  4. jbox1

    Level editor? What does this code mean?

    That is a possibility
  5. jbox1

    Level editor? What does this code mean?

    I know the devs did mention a level editor or sandbox is planned. That’s probably some junk code left from some experimentation.
  6. jbox1

    Sound block

    lel, now imagine when this is implemented people making song-playing drones and what-not
  7. jbox1

    Atmospheric conditions - wind, temperature, rain

    Rain should also make your drone experience a downforce from the rain falling when in the atmosphere, but not while underground
  8. jbox1

    Most challenging missions

    Tbh, that one's fairly easy if you know how to do it right. It involves factories, in case you're wondering.
  9. jbox1

    Weight classes!

    That’s not sumo. That’s sticking a punch if thrusters on a box! plus, you wouldn’t even be able to tell the drone to go foward without any logic parts!
  10. jbox1

    Roamed army

    Seems legit. Ima be right back
  11. jbox1

    I ranked up!

    I now have two dots underneath my name! Horay! now I need a new rank title. Mabey sumo drone expert?
  12. In Ninbatus, there are a few creatures that are completely neutral, and will not attack by nature unless you attack them. The little hammer head bois are a good example. However, they can still often get in the way. Neutral creatures seem to love to hang about, and can get very close, or even start pushing you. This often leads to them encasing you in their numbers, meaning you will have to be forced to harm these (not) defensless creatures in order to complete your mission. Many innocent lives are lost because of this. Basically, I’m asking to have the passive creature’s idle distances be set back at least twice as far as what it is now, probably further. This way, they won’t be so aggressive to players, and en-trap large drones. Also, passive creatures should disengage players if they have strayed too far from their home, or at least after a certain amount of time, so that they don’t get in the way of players all the time. I am putting this under the bug category since idle creatures technically are already a feature, and having them be not-passive is probably a bug.
  13. jbox1

    Blast shield

    I prefer the sheilds blocking exclusively blast damage. That way they can be specialised towards explosive hazards, and still give heaters and coolers a purpose. Ofc, a blast damage sheild would be extremely appreciated, as countless times cannon bois have ruined my day