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  1. Update

    You have to manually install every update, sorry I know it sucks, but the game is still pre-alpha (and also there is the fact that they probably aren’t bothered enough putting an updater in until latter)
  2. An actual fully automatic drone

    Very impressive! It certainly seems to do it’s job, and I really limed the turrets! I imagined this thing as some sci-fi metal monster with all its slowly rotating parts. Either way, brilliant build!
  3. that is so cool.... I want one for Christmas!
  4. Weapon randomization/favorites

    I like it - but I couldn't use it. I love making smart, autonomous drones, and both being a tower, and being cursor-controlled would make it useless for that. Heat-seeking is my preferred trait, and it's rare, and non-tower isn't too common. My ideal epic would be a third-tier gun (shotguns are too recoil-ey) with heat-seeking, cluster, and bounce. I find that cluster can often stand in for a digging upgrade, it's great at chewing up terrain. Eh, I don't blame you. I'd make more non-autonimous drones if heat seaking was better and if non-towers were less rare.
  5. For what is still in pre-alpha, it isn't that bad!
  6. Satellite Sensor and Digger

    It’s not cheaty if yah have guns on it! (Cause then it serves a purpose aside infinite recourses)
  7. Weapon randomization/favorites

    I had this bio-shotgun tower with a more projectiles upgrade, digging upgrade and mouse following missiles which fragmented on collision. That’s all you need to know. if that isn’t enough, you know the mother hive? Now imagine that gone in > 2 seconds...
  8. That’s alot of wishes... I wish they had lua programmable blocks which had a console function so I could make my drone scream when it sees an enemy. Ok, in all seriousness, a programmable block would be SWEET!
  9. I decided to post some of my drones, as yah do when you've clocked over 600 minutes on one save file! Number Display Drone So, I had this random idea whilst messing around with the "new" LEDs. (yes I know there has been an update since then but the updates are so quick and violent, I honestly can't keep up) Anyway, I made this design which uses IF gates to light up segments of an LED display which shows what numbered key I press. It did this using if gates, activating the binded LED when the appropriate key(s) were pressed. Unfortunately the file which had the drone corrupted, and all progress was lost (go me! ) Anyway, I'll make another version sometime soon. Snake Drone YES! I DID DO THIS JUST BECAUSE LATHERIX DID (all hail the mighty)! AND NO! THIS IS NOT AN EXACT COPY!(first off, I did it in one episode! ;D) Anyway, it had a very similar design to latherix's, but without a rotating head, and also I added guns to the snake so it could 'un-hinge' itself from any rocks. It also had a clever system of logic splitters, allowing each segment to fly away from walls, and also allow the player control of several forward thrusters on each segment. This one, again, was on my corrupt save file (damn you bugs!) Wheel Drone This is a fairly standard wheel drone that will trundle along the surface destroying everything behind it. Note the tower laser for removing odd bumps and blockages that might get in your way. It isn't perfect, but it moves. . Luckily this one survived the great corruption of 2017, so you will be able to marvel (or laugh at) my awesomeness. The file is attached to this post. Necromancer Probably the most over designed, over engineered, closest link to that good old formula of "Bigger is better". Basically, it is a ball of drones that will crush any kind of sumo competitor (except rammers). This one also was a survivor, and can be found as an attachment to this post. Prospector I HAD THIS IDEA BEFORE LATHERIX! OK? Not only that, but, unlike latherix's design, it actually works. It s a basic mining rig which can be transported and dropped anywhere, then continue to mine into the planet. It uses a motor, coupled to a high tolerance direction... thing... to cause a switch to oscillate when the direction sensor is triggered by the sweeping motion of the laser. So long as the rig always points down, it should work fine. The drone is also attached to the post. And that's it! Thanks for reading! Tell me what I did wrong! Bye! Wheel_Drone.nimbatusdrone necromancer_2.nimbatusdrone Prospecter.nimbatusdrone