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  1. Currently the campaign in it's current form is really hard. That's why I have a suggestion for a way to keep gameplay interesting. The idea is to scale the threat increase for launching drones, traveling to sectors, e.t.c. based on the amount of resources you have. Players with lots of resources will be punished harder, and feel inclined to launch heavier drones, than players with little resources, who will have to manage themselves carefully to stay afloat.
  2. jbox1


    Hey, what's this bugger doing on my bookmarks bar? When did I join this forum? Since when was I a moderator?! Why do I have 450+ notifications?! Hello everyone, I'm back!
  3. Dear Nimbatus Devs, Hello! It's me jbox1! Sorry for being AFK for a while, I was going around from community to community, checking out new games, e.t.c. I recently (actually, about 5 minutes ago) remembered I was a moderator here, and I probably had been missing out on a lot of things. Apparently not. The last update was 3 months ago. I'm not sure what's happening, is there a hold up or something? What's the news? Anyway, just a quick question about whatever's happening. No big deal. Hope everything's going well. From jbox1 P.S. Glad sumo drones with camera got fixed, they were annoying.
  4. Haha! Google translate can do it’s stuff! hello bia! I hope this translates back well. Hope you have a good time here. I recommend you typing up your post, and then pasting it into google translate. As far as I can tell, it works fairly well. Haha! Google translate kann das Zeug machen! hallo bia! Ich hoffe, dass sich dies gut übersetzen lässt. Ich hoffe, Sie haben eine gute Zeit hier. Ich empfehle Ihnen, Ihren Post einzugeben und ihn dann in google translate einzufügen. Soweit ich das beurteilen kann, funktioniert es ziemlich gut.
  5. I have some mediocre sprites, but I can’t do actual full scale art. That’s not to say I’m bad at what I do. It comes in handy for making sprites for games and so forth, so it’s a good skill to have.
  6. I am actually a sprite artist. I can’t do real arrt XD
  7. What if I’m a sprite artist, so I don’t even use the brush tool? Or does switching between shape tool, pencil and other various select tools count?
  8. This is, as sad as it is, a very realistic situation
  9. Inb4 people do drone race derbies
  10. Now that I am a mod, I want to see some action XD Mabey the fact there are two extra mods on the team, it scared off any would-be rule breakers. Mabey if the devs gave a bunch of people the “moderator” tag, but not moderation powers, you would scare away all the trolls, without ever having to actually resort to using force? Either way, all’s good. Hope everyone is having a fine day!
  11. @Lurkily you can read my updated version of this post here
  12. Isn’t that exactly what every government sustainability plan is?
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