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  1. jbox1

    I'm the best, ever.

    I run a Cosmoteer mod with 6000+ downloads beat that.
  2. jbox1

    1000 hours in kerbal eh?

    If only minceraft tracked hours...
  3. jbox1

    Patchnotes 0.4.0 Closed Alpha

    Nice GIF btw
  4. The flares are painful to deal with, there seems to be no counter, which is just annoying. They don’t even seem to be affected by magnets.
  5. Short answer: Make hammerheads have brainfreeze! (The deadly kind!) Long answer: Hammerheads have made a great addition to Nimbatus, don’t get me wrong. The far more challenging battle strategy really does add a healthy amount of difficulty to the game. However, I would have assumed that as a lava based creature, it should be challenged by colder conditions, such as cryo guns. However, since hammerheads have two parts, a head and a tail, you still need to freeze the back half to have a significant effect, and it is mostly undeterred by cold climates. I believe that freezing the head of hammerheads should have the same affect as freezing the tail, and even have cold conditions cause damage to them, as you would expect for a lava based creature. Same goes for the mini-mmer heads (which seem to have no counters and are extremely painful).
  6. Short answer: Add an upgrade to make ammunition types better Long answer: Seeing as more different “types” of ammunition now have their own purpose, they will probably be more relied upon to fill that criteria. This will mean players will want more powerful effects from their ammunition to perform a function. Therefore, there needs to be some sort of upgrade for weapons to make them more “potent”, such as making bio-ammunition generate terrain faster, cryo ammunition freeze and plasma ammunition heat faster. This will make their effects more useful to players, instead of just a slight change of abilities.
  7. jbox1

    Patchnotes 0.4.0 Closed Alpha

    Surprisingly I was just thinking about wanting this...
  8. jbox1

    glitch with test flights and planets

    Mabey it’s a hardware malfunction? I have no idea how this could have happened really... do you have any theories?
  9. jbox1

    Carrier Style drones

    To have drones released seperately, although can be done, is rather cumbersome and mostly pointless in my opinion. Instead, it’s more efficient to angle different drones in different ways, so they will hit the target at different times.
  10. jbox1

    Make Visuals More Accurate

    @MarkusWhat about if you had to take scans first before you got the preview? If larger planets are implemented, this could be a fun way to increase the longevity of each planet.
  11. Keeping the GUI clean would be the best way to go I'd say.
  12. Short Answer: Make parts flash when low on health Long Answer: Currently there is no way to tell the health of your parts. Sure, you'll find out soon enough when that cannon no-scopes you from off your screen, but this is both inefficient and also defeats the purpose of knowing the health of the now non-existent part. There needs to be some way of indicating the health of individual parts to the player, so they can have better judgment about their current situation. There are a number of ways this could be achieved: Health Bars: Simple and efficient, but could be intrusive to the otherwise clean GUI of Nimbatus. Fade Effect: Parts could fade away as they take damage. This would be easy to implement, but probably not very elegant. Flash Effect: Parts could flash red when they are low on health, similar to a number of other games. This would be easy to implement and also very intuitive to the player. Individual part sprites: This is much harder to implement but often returns a good result. Simply having individual sprites for parts to represent how damaged they are quickly conveys there state. The issue with this is that every part would need to be individually sprited several times, which is inefficient for the developers. Particles: Particles are cool. No denying it. Reusable damage texture: Similar to the individual part sprites solution, reusable damage textures will literally show damage in the form of the part seeming to have taken damage. The difference here is that the textures for each level of damage is reused for all parts. This would be much more efficient, saving time. The issue is that it may be troublesome because all parts are shaped different, which could complicate things.
  13. Quick answer: Make the faster fuel/power providers be consumed first. Long answer: What I noticed is that the order in which power and fuel is consumed is mostly random, but this has some issues about the effectiveness of them. For example, a large battery is incredibly useful for storing a charge so you can go all guns blazing to take out a transmitter with no issues, to supply a heavy load for a short duration. However, sometime what happens is that large batteries may be consumed first by things like shields or magnets, where a fast charging solar panel would be much better for the task. The solution would be to prioritize power/fuel storages that recharge the fastest first, before going to consume from slower charging batteries or fuel tanks.
  14. jbox1

    Make Visuals More Accurate

    The little graphics are innacurate, and are purely for visuals. They reveal nothing about the structure of the planet however.
  15. jbox1

    Fuel/Power Sharing