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  • Everyone here has such a complicated sexuality and gender and I'm just basic /j (he/him)

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  1. Lockwood pulled Iris to the direction of Otto and Cedar.
  2. Lockwood nodded and made iris nod with his hands.
  3. Lockwood nodded and wondered why they were laughing.
  4. Помощ. Използвам n Google превод за това. Този език е български.
  5. 我喺呢度乜都唔識。 我真係唔知點樣用呢種語言講話,因為我使用嘅係穀謌翻譯。 如果你識得呢種語言,恭喜您。
  6. I can if its for something that you want. You already have one, so take another one. Eww.
  7. Its stating the obvious. But I can't say ew.
  8. Lockwood glanced at the others. (should we wait until green wakes up to continue?)
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