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  1. found one! Goddess of family, legacy, and AHVHC. Was a starter for an AHVHC world, which became my longest lived savefile. Protects the weak, sending her blessings in the form of little bits of magic. A burst of strength in a losing battle, berries you didn't know were in the food pile.
  2. The family makes it to Tiny Green, and began to unpack. ES takes himself on a tour of their 5br/6ba mid-century mansion. Must be a purple cushion... He thinks, sinking into the sofa. But he can't relax for long, because Eve is going into labor! oH nO! Bebe claims the entire Atlantic Ocean as her bedroom. Haha, stupid mom. She deserves to have a stillbirth then die of infection. Bebe thinks this as she connects her favorite pair of waterproof Airpods and puts Evanescence on shuffle. PULL, HONEY! PULL! AAAAA-wait what? Y-you don't pull, you push. No, not you, the baby. W-wha-no. I'm intrigued. What exactly does the baby pull? Ya know, the door. The baby pulls it open, then comes out. I can't believe I married such a fu-AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Eve is interrupted by birth. Bebe has her birthday. To celebrate, she moves into a nice apartment with mommy's money, and then makes a 5-part tiktok series of bleaching and dying her hair with berry juice alongside telling the story of how she escaped her ''abusive home'' The attention goes straight to Bebe's bloodstream. Eve exasperatedly(oh ho ho, big word)teaches Adam about the female anatomy. She, wanting to set an example, becomes prego again. While Eve taught Adam, ES babysat Red Robin. To be frank, ES did not know much about babies. Sure, there was Bebe, but Bebe...Bebe was different. Bebe was a creature that reveled in destroying everything he held dear. To yet again be honest, ES was terrified of all things loud and small. Luckly, the mini demon was napping. Until it wasn't. S***.
  3. i did better this time, but i had a baby too late.
  4. i starved. attempt 2?
  5. Oh god I need to try it-
  6. Erixo โ€œWeird.โ€ Erixo shouldered past the bird. Zlatko ill wait for others.
  7. Erixo let out yip of shock. โ€œOh! Hello there! Where do you come from?โ€ Zlatko took a short nap.
  8. Got the "Root of the Problem" achievement in sandbox, which i believe broke storymode. So i reset my achievements. now the only thing i need to do is test my theory. also, this probably wont have any story, because its pretty much an experiment. (im stupid and forgot to take pics at the beginning, so we start on eves island) Eve and her genes. While having all-red babies will be very annoying, that purrsnot is intriguing. No purrsnot, but HII is good. Second pregnancy. Good enough. ES weaves Bebe a intricate flower crown, only for her to shred the handcrafted gift with the rage of a thousand suns. He runs crying to Eve. Adam and Eve tell the kids that they're gonna move. ES is excited for the adventure, but Bebe is pissed. She sulkily cries in her room while screaming along to death metal. While the family packed, Bebe made a tiktok of her clawing an anarchy symbol into the waystone. It rains dramatically as the gang walks into the sunset.
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