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  1. Hello, Im a backer and I played the demo, and understand that it is just that, a demo. But I would still like to add a few ideas for control modules that would be awesome when building autonomous drones. I already feel that the fun part for me in the game, is building the drones mor than the "conquer and collect" part But first, the wheight of the control modules need to be lowered I think for the possibility to do more advanced builds A few logic gates and it will barely move feels a bit too heavy (to me) So modules: Oscillator or "alternator". Like the pulse module but that goes back and fourth. An alternator would be a simple oscillator. Where an oscillator could have different waveforms, giving different move patterns for the control signal, all from Square via triangle to sine. This would be great for adding on proximity sensors to sweep back and fourth along a path. Directional, instead of just gravity and mouse it should also have a specific direction that you could set. Rotational, with speed adjustment ofcourse. Proximity sensor should have walls as an option in the Sumo Arena, to try to keep away from them Thats it so far, thanks for a promising game! Keep up the good work and CONGRATS on making the Kickstarter