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  1. mistfromwingsoffireda coloring page (hivewing) its transparent, for those use do digital
  2. lmao i made a ref for one of my ocs out of the sandwing. she looks pretty western
  3. page 69 hehe- anyways heres a sandwing, icewing, and seawing base, all are by Ivycount on WoF wiki
  4. ack- its weird for me; i come from the wiki. newish here, still.
  5. lmao, that base was really fun to color. go for the accessories first. its easier edit: why- why did that show up as a smiley face-
  6. sobbing rn. that was funny for no reason. ah- base edit was mostly for personal reasons but i figured yall would want to use it. edited pere bases are hard to come by, anyways. speaking of base edits, i have a few edits that are by tali8pie (ill have to find the rest, but this is what i have right now)
  7. JA-style SilkWing base by me i am irrationally proud of it but shh i forgot to fix one of the spikes so it still looks like its part of the ear aaa-
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