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  1. monsters vs aliens is a funky movie i vaguely remember watching it at 4 in the morning the day after christmas i really liked the roach scientist for some reason :fear:
  2. i got a new phone 😨 maybe ill make a yt too soon bc i want to show evrey1 my silly videos also i might be working on a horror series possibly<3
  3. "Five nights at freddy's is educational. don't underestimate my knowledge. /threat" -my buddy on roblox
  4. "now this is what you got if your parents didnt love you enough!" *holds up a lunchable, opens it and takes a bite* "ah just like how i remember."
  5. i can relate to this constantly<3
  6. *dances* one more day to go guys, then i get thanksgivin break B]
  7. time to cry that its not the weekend i literally woke up happy like, omg today is saterday time to sleep more nd then my mother walks in and tells me to get ready for school WHAT IS THIS i was so tired :,[
  8. hello !!1 welcome to purgatory<3 you may call me ozzy :]
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