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  1. sorry if u had an idea to name ur fablewing phoenix and i stole it eee
  2. this is my FableWing, Phoenix pronouns: he/him abilities: healing, fire breath, regeneration personality: he is kind and sweet, he loves to fly around and make music steal my baby and ill eat ur fingers
  3. Absolutly you can! i just need to finish the description page because i was cut short yesterday since my class ended- i just need to add the special and stuff eee
  4. uh so i made a fantribe called Fablewings heres sum info or somthin appearance- fablewings are smaller dragons, about the size of a large elephant. they have long, spearlike horns on their head, feathered bird wings, and plumes of fluff on their tails. its quite uncommon, but sometimes fablewings grow one extra horn on their head, similar to a unicorn. they have fluffy manes along their spine. they have light, pearlescent scales. Colors- Common colors: pink, peach, light yellow, pale green, baby blue, periwinkle, and lilac. Rare colors: muted reds, oranges, yellows, greens, blues, indigos, or purples. theses colors often look metallic. Legendary colors: black, grey, brown, and pure white. these also seem metallic. Names- Fablewings are often named after mythical creatures: Griffin, Unicorn, Wyvern, Kraken etc... Powers- Healing, regeneration, stuff. legendary powers: mindreading, this thing called magicscales (the dragon can absorb the power of the elements around them, only three of these ones exist) please dont steal or edit this without my permission
  5. im honestly confused at this point as well who am i where am i what am i ekrgekjgbgirbfbgvnergjrekjrnkjaaaaaa
  6. yes we are joking o-o im legit scared that you typed all that my brain is literally the size of a cell and i have no clue what you just said whats all this warriors stuff? isnt this a WoF topic thing? im so tireddddddddddd
  7. my ego has gone up so high in the past 12 minutes i already think very highly of myself but this is a big win like, i feel like an actual ruler or something idk *narcissist noises*
  8. bruh im gonna eat ur bones rn i have the power of my 5th grade undertale ocs and op rat goddesses in my side. i can, and will, smite you. in the 15 years that i was alive i have made over 250+ OCs. with all of my children combined, we could kill god himself. plus you probably don't even have the guts to bark at a single child
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