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  1. "*holds hand cutely*" "*vibes*" "*suddenly lets go of hand and pulls out a knife and inspects it*" "*checks knife for imperfections*" "*gives the knife to you*" "*holds hand again*" "*thanks him for the knife, he will think of him when he brutally murders his enemies*"
  2. my first ad oc hahah so much backstory in this one this is Callisto the bird ad he sells instruments and plays music he can whistle very well and sometimes he tweets like a bird he loves hugs and will gladly give you one but of course not every thing can be all fuzzy and sweet... Callisto used to be completely normal, normal life, normal music business, he was happy. but then he met Charlie, and being the lovebird he is, fell absolutely head over heels for him. Charlie saw this as an advantage, possibly a new business partner,,, leading Charlie to force poor Callisto to do whatever he wanted, this included stealing and other crime, but never murder. One day, Charlie made a deal: if Callisto could successfully break in to the Queen's mansion and kill her, Charlie would stay with him forever. But of course our beloved Callisto couldn't dream of killing anyone, and refused to do it, even when Charlie asked if he would do it for him, because Charlie already knew Callisto had feelings for him. Once again, Callisto refused. Charlie was not thrilled about this, and snuck into the mansion anyway, dragging poor bird boy with him. Charlie took him all the way to the acid river, Callisto thought that it was just a little detour, but god he was wrong. Charlie began talking about the future, what it would be like. He told Callisto that because of him, he, a literal serial killer, actually felt something for once,,, he actually began to feel love towards him. Charlie then says that life would be so much easier if Callisto just did what he asked,,, and some things... you just have to do yourself... and some people are an inconvenience to his real goal. Without warning he shoves Callisto in the acid river, thinking it would kill him. Charlie then left to go find the Queen. a few minutes later Callisto drags himself out of the acid river and is all laggy and glitchy and all messed up. Glitching and teleporting through the mansion he finally finds an exit. Once he gets out he has a mental breakdown and swears that if he sees Charlie again, he will kill him. Screw being nice and happy all the time, that jerk was gonna get it. the end
  3. nameless green ad because i suck at naming things ughughughhufhgruiugdbkkhfgj all i know is that they like flowers and sell flowers yum yum also flannel shirts my beloved
  4. ((tw: little bit of blood)) *throws dad character at you* this is Dex D. Addison we love him this man can spawn like,,, infinite Graham crackers and trail mix camping dad camping dad he needs to practice self care because hes like d y i n g he walks with a limp because his leg got caught in a bear trap and he was like "this is fine" and just kept on walking and it never healed right sobsobsobsobbing his arm is like p e r m a n a t l y in bad shape because some jerk virovirokun chomped on it poor baby <///3 he smells like outside also he makes dad jokes and we love him he looks tough and angery but he nice and will give you food <33 (tw for blood up there)
  5. this is my beloved Charlie he's and addison because yes he's teal not blue if you call him blue there is a 50% chance he'll either cry or murder you oh yeah forgot to mention this man is a serial killer he also has an arsenal of weapons in his pockets so don't tick him off hit you with that permanent smile that alastor does bahahaha but,,,,,, smiley face glasses ghdfgjdfjg <333
  6. is it normal to look in the roblox avatar shop for at least three hours to find the perfect accessories for ocs or is that just me?
  7. i need to work on my sleeping schedule went to bed at like four in the mornin yesterday
  8. heres a picture of my rabbit that died a year ago on january 17th her name was pumpkin and i loved her very much
  9. i personally think nothing is wrong with the red outline makes him look soft and nice✨
  10. Happy Birday!!!!!!1!1!!!!1!!
  11. 2nd realm has been updated!!
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