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  1. grrrr takos chrysaloom makes me also want a chrysaloom RAAHHH imma try to get one today :cute:
  2. once we get more contestants then we can begin <3333 dont be afraid to spread the word to friends who you think would wanna join<33
  3. hello yes i am host artcontest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 the theme of this art contest is DRAGONS!!!!!!!!!!! be creative<3 follow the rules<3 and have fun RULES: - be respectful of other contestants - no nsfw entries - no guilt tripping other people to vote for you - have fun, take healthy breaks if youre overworked, i will give you very much time ❤️ CONTESTANTS: @takoyamaaaS @lizardcake @Stranger @Loxfeaf @Modiano Urania @Icecatcake_frog Stranger's sister, @pale
  4. oh my goodness theyre so pretty<333 Varas will probably be 500k in a few months while chrys are still around 400K as i know of<3 but if i were you i wouldnt sell them, love chrys and vara sm 😍
  5. omg please play it its so fun :0 you can get super pretty dragons and the halloween event is starting soon so 👀
  6. HAPPY IRTHDAT Y LIZZZ!!!!!!1<33
  7. i can only hear out of one ear wow :cute: mr brightside sounds so wrong with one right ear lol gotta get these things cleaned out im so old holy freak
  8. lmoa help i got sick over the weekend and stayed home 2 days from school, the last four days have been like a fever dream and also i like tf2 now lolzzz so expect some funny tf2 art soon 😍
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