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  1. i personally think nothing is wrong with the red outline makes him look soft and nice✨
  2. Happy Birday!!!!!!1!1!!!!1!!
  3. 2nd realm has been updated!!
  4. *screaming like a maniac* AAUUASHSHFHFERHGEBVNETFG *slamming fists on table and sobbing hysterically* I N E E D T H E C O L O R E D S A L E S G U Y S ANERGJERNGEFJGGFHDGNBGNBRJLBJR *shaking and sobbing* HASHHDAHDSFDHGGHFJHHASDADASFADSFDFGGFg
  5. OOooooo i can make that a part of the 2nd realm, maybe like a big crack through the whole place where they live.. it could be called "the great abyss" or something dark and edgy
  6. -name it something else Volt decided to name the plush, Patches. They were happy with this decision. "Hi Patches, your my best friend now." They said to the plush.
  7. *grabby hands* g i v e i t
  8. thats where i got a bit of inspiration i also really like owls
  9. welp uh just got dont with my math final exam lol probably failed lmao anyway heres a lemon
  10. She nodded and started looking for a shelter.
  11. the concept of this is terrifying The 5th realm (The Archives) Gods- Eternal (the only TimeWing God) Co-gods- Arc (Eternal’s big pet owl, he just wants to show him some appreciation for being cool) Species that live there- TimeWings, AllWings, Owls, Owl hybrid creatures, sentient owl statues Description: a massive underground library with all the secrets of the realms, yet some levels require special access. It is never day or night there, and any TimeWing who tries to escape the library is driven mad by the owl statues. The only way out is the main portal to the realms, as all other doors, unfortunately, lead to a neverending void (any other dragon can come and go as they please, it's just the TimeWings who have to stay in their realm so they aren’t used for bad stuff) Its always dark, but the shelves of books are lit with candles to help see, plus if a dragon is born there, they are gifted with excellent night vision.
  12. she read about the old NightWing Kingdom in some books at the library. "huh.. its colder than i expected... the volcano must have finally died down..."
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