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  1. //uh, just wondering when Sage's next thing will be up, kinda waiting to see how Lemondew is doing with coaking devices and maps.
  2. I mean it says 'Off topic' but this is for both bases and Ocs.
  3. Wonderful which one? I have all exept the winglets, and I want to get all the other ones as soon as their out.
  4. //I'm just waiting for how lemondew's doing
  5. *she smiled back the slightest look of distraction on her face* "It's not just being polite, but that would help."
  6. *as Blackwillow, pulled a key from a drawer and started to unlock her chains she warned Luna* "We will probebly end up ki//ing you if your try to run away or decive us, but I will hear it in your mind before you get a chance to act on it anyway." *Lemondew was _________ ((insert her status on maps and cloaking devices here plz!))*
  7. Maybe if you drew something, then tried to sometimes print a version, or make a copy somehow to make the lines darker on? Not everything just the major images
  8. I suppose it's alright if you want to stay to watch the shop, I didn't really consider it." *she turned twards Luna* "I'm glad we'll have you though, it's always nice to have someone new join. Blackwillow, could you unchain Luna?" *it seems to be genuine kindness behind her words but with Sage it was always unkown what she realy felt, she turned to where Lemondew was comparing maps of the rainforest and a few of her cloaking devices, muttering about defences*
  9. I refuse to give up hope can anyone play MLK day? Preferably earlyish morning or mid afternoon.
  10. "How come?" *She turned to Blackwillow and Luna* "Do you want to Luna?"
  11. I can't see the pictures that well, it seems like it's jsut lightly drawing and some minor glare.
  12. "What are our odds? Even if you can't use your magic to find it, it's likley you could sheild us from detection."
  13. //random question: did you intend for us to kinda end up helping/joining the demons or was your origanal idea more that we would end up fighting aginst them?
  14. "But if you're the only one of us who knows where it is, you'll have to come, outcast or not. Maybe you can just stay invisable if I hear any dragon's thoughts come to close."
  15. "You said you knew the location, could you mark it on a normal map and then we can load up the spot onto this one?"
  16. "Like it doesn't know or it's loading it up? Or maybe it can't show us, like how you've warded the Demon's palace from scrying."
  17. *she glanced around Blackwillow was speaking to Luna likely telling her about their idea and mission, she sat down waiting for Lemondew to finish* //did you mean map? or is lamp right? also now lizardcake can reply to whatever blackwillow's saying
  18. "Phew, that was strange, wonder why a skywing would want the eye of Onyx. Anyway, lets go inside." *She pushed open the door and went inside she ducked behind the counter and pulled out the magical map Lemondew had made ages ago, it showed any location and your relitive position in the world, it had come in handy when looking for other things and should help now*
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