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  1. It's mostly stemming from a what-if bloodclan succeeded only different cats on all sides, as in my fan fic (it's all in my head and I never end up writing it out Axle and his group take over Bloodclan and the twoleg place) That would be great, I definitely could use help when it comes down to running it.
  2. I wanted to ask you guys' opinion of an RP concept I call 'Shattered Stars' and see if anyone has suggestions on anything to be changed to improve it. (also if I were to adverse it on discord how to get more traction) So basically: The storyline is pretty simple- Rouges have taken over the clan territories and the remaining clan cats (the numbers are pretty small compared to rouges) are sheltering in that one dip near the moonstone tunnel. The Rouges are technically being lead by my one OC Axle but mostly get to do their own thing. Each of the territories has an 'overseer' appointed by Axle who pretty much rule the area. I may occasionally join in the RP as Axle or a related OC to further the story or add a couple plot points. Each full moon Axle holds 'meetings' at fourtrees this is done to mock the clans and if any two rouges who have a quarrel with each other or sometimes prisoners (captured clan cats or cats who resist Axle's rule) he always makes sure blood is spilt on the night of clan truce. (he's allied with the Dark forest and wants the clans to suffer thats the clearest motivation behind the takeover) There's more details and other thoughts but I don't want to overwhelm anyone. (clan plots to get territories back, raids on remaining clan cats to keep them weak, rouge sects who try to break away form Axle, etc. whatever might happen in RP) I hope this isn't to much but I've wanted to run this storyline as an RP in wcue for awhile and wanted to ask if anyone could help-I still don't know how to control an RP of that scale (it would be on a private server) and have little info about Discord. (I literally only use it for wcue info and sometimes to find an RP.
  3. If Saffron's our leader then Greenpool will end up taking a 'perserve tradition & history' role despite not being clanborn, mostly because she'd feel it's her responsibility. It'll be funny to see one non-clanborn cat as leader who may end up 'messing things up' and another non-clanborn cat as med trying to explain why he shouldn't do that. 🤣
  4. Maybe if we get the poll done sooner we can RP, I've got school tommorow but after that I'm on Thanksgiving break so I'd be avalible.
  5. It snowed today, stuck to the ground and everything, first one of the season. Dunno why I'm shareing this just felt like telling ppl.
  6. Is everyone who was here priviously, still active enough to be aware that we're trying to revive it?
  7. yes, sorry I haven't been back since this collapsed. But, I would like to continue with Greenpool as a med cat.
  8. I'm just incredibly inactive in the summer as I only usually have me tablet
  9. I'm trying to make a base for them, just for fun, all that's left is digitalizing it. I also had an idea about the half-a-heart at the end of their tails, their soulmate could have the perfect matching one that line up just right.
  10. The gaurd looked you in the eyes and replied very seriosuly, "I'm not the one who hasn't seen my mate in a while, besides last time we were in an argument, I need some time to calm down."
  11. No, my mind just keeps forgetting about the RP bc school's almost out, then not haveing any good ideas on wht happens next when I do. And you replied to me, but Loki hasn't said anything to the guard.
  12. Sagewhisper frowned at the other dragon, turned around in a circle and sat down looking around at the endless expance around her.
  13. "I don't see how I can do that, I mean I'm not even sure how I got here."
  14. *she sat down mildly confused but asked* "Ok, so what now?"
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