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  1. I'm just incredibly inactive in the summer as I only usually have me tablet
  2. I'm trying to make a base for them, just for fun, all that's left is digitalizing it. I also had an idea about the half-a-heart at the end of their tails, their soulmate could have the perfect matching one that line up just right.
  3. The gaurd looked you in the eyes and replied very seriosuly, "I'm not the one who hasn't seen my mate in a while, besides last time we were in an argument, I need some time to calm down."
  4. No, my mind just keeps forgetting about the RP bc school's almost out, then not haveing any good ideas on wht happens next when I do. And you replied to me, but Loki hasn't said anything to the guard.
  5. Sagewhisper frowned at the other dragon, turned around in a circle and sat down looking around at the endless expance around her.
  6. "I don't see how I can do that, I mean I'm not even sure how I got here."
  7. *she sat down mildly confused but asked* "Ok, so what now?"
  8. //I'm just hopeing any encounters involving Loki's mate you could give me an idea how she'd react
  9. The guard frowned deep in thought for a moment before saying, "I'll be on guard near your room tonight, if you leave out your balcony I can cover for you for no more than two days at most. I know I'd be a mess without my mate." //Is it ok if I ask for you to help me roleplay Loki's mate? I know your character's personalities and histories are fully made and I don't know it or how to roleplay her that well if at all.
  10. You flew for a while and eventulally flew over an oasis, two dragons stood near it, a Nightwing and a sandwing/leafwing hybrid. @Green @RioLaizerTheClown you both are now near enough, either of you can respond to prompts I give the other person, Green if you do not reply to any propmpts within a week (as you have yet toe respond in a while) I might asume you have dropped out and make Succulent an npc, as I can not let lack of involvment cause problems for someone else when it's a joined bit like this.
  11. @VireTheRainwing last call, if you want to stay in the RP please reply, if you ignore this I will assume you have lost intrest and will not add any posts for Vire.
  12. The amulet tugged you faintly and you found yourself flying in a northeast direction.
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