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  1. Just one more, because it's all fun and games until you accidentally breed a ZOMBIE!! O.O
  2. Just for fun, here are a few specialized builds: one with as many strength genes as possible, one with all the fishing traits, and one optimized for gathering. That trunk man, that trunk.
  3. My latest breeding experiment was a great success. ;D
  4. Oh, I forgot to mention, since I've retired over 300 critters, it would be awesome to have a way to filter them by gene and gender. It's a touch inconvenient to search them manually for the recessive trait I suddenly decided I want.
  5. Hello! I'm a backer for Wandering Village who picked up the mobile game on a whim, and it ate up my entire weekend, so I guess it's captivating for a biology fan like me; congrats and thank you! I did want to offer a little feedback; apologies if these have been mentioned elsewhere. A few of the gene icons are very similar, especially Curly Mane vs. Straight, and Medium Ears vs. Fluffy. It would be great if they were a little more distinct from each other, especially since Curly Mane is the only fur based gene with a practical effect and is easy to overlook. I have had some issues with the game crashing intermittently, but I haven't lost any data so it's not a big deal. I haven't found a specific trigger for the problem, and it might just be because my phone is a bit older (Pixel2). I feel like the leveling for the areas should be scaled back a bit. My nichlings are constantly putting themselves out of a job by ramping up the region long before I've bred them to the next set of requirements. I honestly feel like each level could be twice as long to allow for the required breeding. Naturally the mutagens are a shortcut, but by design are limited and not reliable in the long run. I also think it would be handy to see the critters' stats when choosing breeding pairs, and I wish the requirements for each region were displayed in the same order as on the creature summary screen, but those are minor. Overall, I'm very happy with this game, would love to see more islands, and look forward to your future work!
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