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  1. Discord Rich Presence

    I also like this idea! I don't think they were planning on multi-player last time I heard, but this could be a fun alternative. If we can make avatars/characters they could show up in shops ship blue prints on engineering walls a "blackbox" or "name plate" on planets or asteroids from debris of ships that were destroyed. We could send out Care Packages into space, and random people could get them. Like supplies, designs, other other knowledge if we ever interact with NPC's, maybe have them name drop like "That Steve782, they really helped out my home colony!"
  2. Did you play FTL?

    Oh yeah! I loved FTL. I want to five back into that game again! So robust! Their latest game looks fun. I've always been a fan of isometric, turn-based systems, like final fantasy tactics, etc. This game looks to have some similarities to Advanced Wars, which I was a big fan of too. The retro visuals satisfy my nostalgia. My buddies and I were interested when we first saw it posted, but hadn't gotten it yet. If you still have a key, I'd be happy to use it.
  3. Strings for logic instead of keys

    N, a "string" is essentially a programming term for text - letters. Here is another description: https://techterms.com/definition/string So we mean instead of having the Input be: "E" key to activate the "P" Key on a switch which is tied to your Shields on your Ship---- what if pressing "E" would activate a "Shield" string instead. and you could tell your shield to activate when the "Shield" string is active. It can make things a bit more complicated because you would have to type out the word/string a bunch - but that could be made easier by the game if it memorized which strings/words have already been used, and doing kind of a suggestion based on what strings have been used in the ship so far. Example: You type "Sh" and it auto suggests "Shield" as that has been used.
  4. Planet Names

    Meh I think they're ok. The ones they either pull from a pre-compiled list or somehow procedurally generate seem fine. But I've not checked all the names I have run into. I would worry about any procedural names generating possible vulgarities. A bit off topic, but my suggestion would have a "real name" and "display name" . If I remember correctly NASA names planets with some naming convention that helps them keep track of location (mostly numbers)
  5. turret inside planet core

    I also recently experienced this in Pre-Alpha 0.2.4 It was near the center of the planet me thinks. Here is the GIF: https://imgur.com/gallery/8peS2
  6. a vary bad idea

    I like alot of these ideas, but you're in the Forum for their other game: Niche. The Nimbatus Feedback forum is over here: https://strayfawnstudio.com/forum/index.php?board=22.0 Re-post your awesome ideas there.
  7. Update

    Thanks for the reply! I look forward to the Early Access/Alpha on Steam. 8) Very nice demo by the way. I bet it really helped people jump on board with the KickStarter. I can say that it definitely helped me decide on it.
  8. Invisible wall

    Oh yeah! I see it! Dang. Sorry I missed that the first time. That is impressive. O_O
  9. Fake Planets? - Anomalous Galaxy Readings

    Ah cool! I like that as a feature. Just didn't know. Some dialogue, or visual to indicate it in the future would be awesome. I could see erroneous data in sensor readings being a really neat feature being used in other part of the game that require searching. Or even shorter range when camera control/visuals of other drones comes into play.
  10. I've witnessed about 3 planets just disappear after expanding the fog after destroying Transmitters in the past 30 minutes.... Are the +'s on the Galaxy map not definitive markings of Locations? (shops, sumo, planets) I tried clicking the recording button (F9) but it didn't record anything. :T
  11. Bug Forum Guidelines?

    With more versions coming out - and varying computer systems we all have - what kind of guidelines would be good for posts? I know we're not official testers, as any schmuck like myself can waltz in and try and describe an issue with little to no context. As far as helpful into: Game Version # of course maybe.... Exact steps to reproduce, as best we can? Our computer system stats? (unsure what is the best way to get this to you - maybe running dxdiag for Windows?) Can we pull logs somewhere for you? Windows - Event Viewer? Mac - Application Utilities? Linux - /var/logs/message/? Would the game benefit from having a "pull logs" option/button, or "save state" button - at least during pre-alpha and alpha?
  12. Invisible wall

    I think I know what is happening here - there is a piece of terrain a few pixels in mass that were left behind when you were clearing things out - it happens to me too. You can escape it by shooting everything within your ship - you'll eventually hit whatever it is. I figure it might be able to be fixed by either making the terrain more visible against the BG and/or maybe erasing terrain less than a certain mass? https://imgur.com/gallery/qu0yB I made a GIF of it happening to me too - I can see the pixel on my monitor if I squint, but it's not visible in the GIF. Playing Nimbatus Version 0.2.4 Pre-alpha
  13. It's barely visible, but on the right side of the tanks, the fuel seems to bulge. Visually it really doesn't effect me at all - but the fact that it happens worries me that it could be effecting other things? What specifically? I dunno. But thought I would at least post about it. Seems to be fixed when I rotate it to other angles, but happens when I rotate it back to this angle. (though not exactly the same shape) It's probably just a side effect of whatever calculations are being used for the fuel moving around the tanks when they're not 100% full. (which is an effect I love!)
  14. Altitude sensor?

    Does this count? https://imgur.com/gallery/Pu6XP (Sorry having too much fun with the record feature today heh heh) An adjustable length distance sensor would be pretty cool! I assume it would work the same as what you're inquiring about.
  15. Speed Sensor

    The speed sensor determines the fastest part that is interlinked with it (going AWAY from the main drone part) For my experiment I set the Speed limit of both to 53 m/s (copied and pasted for exact numbers) here is the tests I ran: https://imgur.com/gallery/S7aUT See the Order of Operations Test gif (2nd one): Red Sensors: Rotating sensor is linked from thrusters and to nothing else and being on the outside of the rotation it's going the quickest Blue Sensors: Speed sensor is linked only to the main drone and nothing else - which speeds up slowly and activate later (pressing a different key to activatate) Alternatively you can separate pieces with a NOT gate like in the NOT gate Test gif (1st one). --------------------- So the game does have it, just takes some fiddling to get it down.