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  1. I prefer it overwriting the existing name, but having the option to append by maybe clicking the name again would be nice (maybe keep undo, Ctrl+Z, active in case someone accidentally overwrites a name they wanted to append) or maybe a Cancel button next to the Pencil icon.
  2. I like this for drones that can dig and mine. (though I've not tried making automatic digging drones with drills - I wonder how that effects ore compared to terrain)
  3. Or maybe EMP bursts that break a single logic path temporarily? Not necessarily permanently destroying the logic part.
  4. Hmmm @Micha only current enemies that I know of that are non-flying is the snake. Excited at the possibility more non-flying creatures. :3 Very excited for all them updates. I'm happy to keep giving more feedback when I can. It's cool seeing the forum's get more energy behind them as things pick up.
  5. I whole heartily disagree with having actual coding in the game. The lessons learned from making work-arounds in the system that Markus mentioned is a good thing imho. As far as a compromise for reduced space usage - maybe just have a "programmable chip" part that is either restricted to certain parts of the game or extremely hard to unlock. Something like it can only control parts connected to the main unit, takes up 2x4 space but can have unlimited logical units in it. Sound modules might be fun! - similar to the ones in Mario Maker I assume. Could be used sparingly, or if someone want
  6. I like this idea too. Something along similar lines - would be able to swap out *all* of a certain weapon with another one - instead of the two current options: Individually and manually remove each weapon and place each new one (assigning controls on the 1st one and copy/pasting it multiple times) Going into the Weapon Editor and changing the weapon it currently is into something else - but losing the weapon you had. Though currently manageable with the # of weapons & mods, it DOES change the weapons on other drones that used the same weapon(s) - which can be tough to keep tr
  7. Those should be coming in time - it was 2nd to the last stretch goal of their kickstarter - which they managed to get enough pledges for. I'm excited for'em.
  8. Sorry I didn't know where else to put this. I try and send a direct message, DM, in the forum and it says I can't because my inbox is full.... but I only had 1 conversation. Exact Error: "Your inbox is full. You must delete some messages before you can send any more." I deleted the conversation and I was able to send a Direct Message. After sending another one, I tried to test things by DM'ing someone else (after waiting that 1 minute that the forum requires) and the error comes back up for me.
  9. Andross Drone needs to be built!
  10. I noticed after the update, I would make the bomb-bugs (what are their names?) explode and I'd see explosions all across my screen and I'd be missing parts of my ship lol. Played around some and noticed it was causing my remaining missiles to be pushed away from the blasts at VERY fast speeds. It's entertaining, but could become annoying. Slot2.nimbatusSaveGame
  11. @eldrichgaiman Man that is super rad looking! I am no admin, but if I could vote, that is a strong contender! Though that glitch where the terrain is loading in kind stinks. I'd hate to ask but is there a way to re-record that it? It's so cool and I'd hate to think it lost "points" for having a glitch in it. @Cringele - that is some serious power right there haha! Chaotic madness!
  12. I agree with saving preferences on toggles. There are a number of preferences that would be cool to have the game save. Some I feel should be saved per-ship: like training area option for enemies. Semi-related, but I also feel like being able to toggle center of mass with Decouplers would be awesome too. Either one-click for all Decouplers shows center's of mass for each part. and/or possibly manually click a Decoupler to "break" off a piece, and show multiple center's of mass. I don't know how do-able that is.
  13. Cool! Excited to play with the changes, and for any future ones! --------------------------- Haven't tried the drill yet in the Closed Beta. Excited for the other weapons. Also: Hurray for easier Sumo challenges at the start!! I'm not that great at Sumo (yet) so I've had to train my crappy autonomous drones against each other to try and judge if they were getting better. Added incentive to have them win a match or two in a tournament. heh I'm happy about less tiny pieces of resource left! Wasn't an issue if you had patience, but now it should be less of a problem for those wh
  14. Pretty! and pretty neat. The shower of sparkles is a nice touch. That particles look strongly affected by gravity. Makes it seem like the ground is melting. Excited to be able to play around with that and see what weapon-mods can be applied to fiddle with settings. I wonder what it would look like if you can set it to Bio type since the particles seem to heavy and want to fall down, but Bio generates terrain so it pushes back up. I also never noticed that Drone parts take damage they blink red. I'm normally too frantic in looking to avoid more damage to look at my ship.
  15. Is the Crashes folder supposed to contain the .log file? I might've clicked on the wrong option when it froze (maybe I hit Close Program instead of Report Problem)
  16. Started the game to immediately set off trying to start gathering material for a weapon type I wanted to try out, but wanted to see what numbers of each resource I needed. Opened the game Loaded save Chose the planet I was already at Selected my drone (bottom left one) Chose Edit When I went to click on the Weapon Workshop everything stopped responding (unsure if it crashed when I clicked the button or before I got to click it). and eventually crashed. I.... am admitted a bit impatient and often just click repeatedly until it crashes or it applies all my clic
  17. Personally it doesn't bother me. I found it pretty funny that it happened haha. This is the only time it's happened to me, but I could see it being annoying for beginners. Unsure how to tackle the balancing. Higher HP core means beginners learn other mechanics first before needing armor/shields. Depends on if it's better to have this happen more or where the entire drone explodes more(?) Does it mainly happen when encountering the blast-bugs? For system diagnostics, I don't think that would be necessary. People already have to judge when their drone can't make it anymore when they d
  18. Yeah couldn't reproduce either when I tested it a few times. >_> Sorry about that. I should have done more testing on my end.
  19. I know some of this was in the previous forum before it was revamped/wiped, so I wanted to bring it back. Also had some free time to play around with drawing up a new UI for the Drone Collection to showcase some of what I envisioned. Being able to sort, order, organize our drones would be awesome! Or display more information in the collection - or present more options (and keyboard shortcuts for quick access) Sorting Suggestions: Drag-and-drop order Folders Last Used/Edited section Designate drone as Mission or Sumo Filter by the same Requirements
  20. Somehow all my parts except the main Core got destroyed, and I slowly floated down. Bomb-bugs stay their distance, and snake was juuuuust far enough away. I learned that when you're only a Core, if you right-click you explode lol (unless that was just funny timing)
  21. Saw it happen a few times over the last few missions. Giant Snake kinda flips out when coming up sometimes. Sidenote: I do feel a bit bad destroying her eggs. the whale sound effect makes her seem all peaceful and nice... until she touches you! Slot2.nimbatusSaveGame
  22. I will comment in hopes of getting a key for one of my friends to play the game too! :3
  23. From memory, I've tried letting it drop directly into the Collector Ship, and I've also set it to quietly thrust straight up to the Main Ship. Entirely possible they were destroyed though. I wonder if I can magnetize it to the main ship.
  24. Honestly I think it could make for a neat mechanic. It makes for an interesting level of additional game play imo. Adding to your color-tinted Fungi suggestion - there could be a type of Fungi that "grows" on resources, and eats or grows it, and that is why it expels a bunch of it when it explodes.
  25. I seem to be able to consistently replicate the 2nd GIF when the reservoir was inside the collector and crosses the threshold as it comes out. Unsure why the 1st GIF happened.
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