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  1. this is dawnsight a female nightwing/skywing Backstory: After accidentally killing her parents by knocking them into lava, they decided to leave the Night kingdom in order to escape punishment, DawnSight now travels the continent to find new adventures
  2. turn godzilla into a dragon (I have know idea why i thought of this this but whatever)
  3. Oc By my friend endergirl1421 Name:Ember Tribe: SkyWings Gender: Female Backstory: Her parents hid her egg, because they knew that she was going to be born with Firescales, and they didn’t want to kill her, as the Queen typically orders. She grew up with her twin brother (NO NAME OR SCALE PATTERN YET) until he was taken by a group of Sandwings, and now she’s trying to find him again. Special powers: Can breathe fire, can set things on fire by touch
  4. Oc By my friend endergirl1421 Name:Oryx Tribe: SandWings Gender: Male Backstory: Born as an Animus dragon, he was wanted by the three SandWing sisters as a powerful weapon, but managed to outrun them, and hid in the Scorpion Den, but was eventually told on by a mysterious dragon, and has since started fleeing across the continent, and ran into Flurry, and convinced him to tag along. Special powers: Can breathe fire, poison barb, Animus magic
  5. Oc By my friend endergirl1421 Name:Prince Flurry Tribe: IceWings Circle rank: Third Circle Gender: Male Backstory: Enchanted by Queen Glacier with a piece of Darkstalkers scroll to be an Animus, he is preparing to give his gift to the tribe, until Oryx convinces him otherwise Special powers: Frost breath, Animus magic
  6. Oc By my friend Name:Eclipse Watcher Tribe: NightWings Gender: Female Backstory: Hidden in the Rainforest by her mother, Eclipse gained the powers of future sight, and mind reading. However, she was captured by some NightWings, and manipulated and trained into being a spy. Special powers: Can breathe fire, see the future, and read minds
  7. I used a random name generator and that was the name 😐
  8. Heres the base for it I have know idea who this is from
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